Motorcycle Review: My thoughts on our new 2014 Ultra Limited…Part 1

Posted: July 15, 2014 in Motorcycle, Product Reviews
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Day trip to Solomon Island, MD

We have had our 2014 “Rushmore” Ultra Limited motorcycle for less than 90 days.  We have put on just over 3000 miles which are mostly my commute and some longish weekend motorcycle rides.  The longest single ride was an 889.3 mile ride to the Pro Football Hall of Fame and back.  We just finished the 1000 mile service so I believe I have enough time and miles under the belt to give a knowledgeable review of the bike….so far.


I am going to do this over a few posts so as not to bore folks with a long diatribe. I am going to move front to back and break down what I like and what I don’t like about the bike.  I will tell you now I have way more likes then dislikes.


For background, I traded a 20011 Ultra Limited for this bike so I have a recent comparison point for these comments.


Appearance:  Most of the changes to bikes appearance are understated. I do like that they made major changes to the aerodynamics of the bike without a major impact to the appearance.  The times I have mentioned that the bike is water cooled folks have walked over to the bike and marveled at how the radiators are hidden!

The ugly air vent… it works… but it is UGLY

The one visual feature that I do not like on the bike is the air vent on the front faring.  My dislike is not because of its function nor the fact that it is there at all, I do not like it because it is a piece of flat black plastic that detracts from the wonderful paint scheme of the bike.  It might work on a bike that has a black faring but not on any that have color.  Would it be so much more to make it chrome, or offer a color match option?


Front end:  The larger front forks do make a difference.  There are a few bridges on the way to work that have, what I would call ”less then smooth transitions” between the roadway and bridge.  On the older bike I would rise up off the seat to avoid the jar, but with the new forks I do not feel the need to do so, I still do but I think it is habit more than necessity. 


The fairing does it job.  I “feel” that there really is less wind buffeting because of the new design and the air vent.  My wife has stated she feels no difference between the old bike and the Rushmore motorcycle as far as the wind is concerned.  I just need to remember to close the vent before the rain starts flying through!

In Part 2 I will give you my thoughts on the new Headlights, Dashboard, and Rider/Passenger comfort.

Click here for Part 2.


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