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Well I guess that if we have heard nothing for this long that the show is no more…., but thought you might like this.

Recently I had a chance to exchange emails with Adam Cramer star of Discovery Channel’s motorcycle show “Philly Throttle and owner of Liberty VintageMotorcycles. I have posted several times (here, here) about him and the show and the legal battle with Discovery. Mr. Cramer had to be coy about the future of the TV show but he did answer some fun questions.

Adam the owner

Adam the owner

1.  What is the craziest thing you have done on or to a motorcycle?

          I got chased by the cops for 3 hours around center city Philly on my 1965 triumph.  No helmet, not sober and got away by doing a wheelie for 3 blocks before losing the cops by riding up the art museum steps Rocky ran up and riding down a back staircase.

2.  What is the third most important thing in your life?

        Motorcycles, family first, my building second.

3.  What “Guinness” type world record would you like to break?

I’d like to have the wheelie title!  I believe “wheelie king” Doug Domukus is champ now.

4.  What is the longest trip, by motorcycle, that you have taken?

Philly to California to Nevada to Texas to Philly, 8700 miles round trip.

Liberty Vintage Motorcycles

Liberty Vintage Motorcycles

5.  Where/what is the number one place you want to visit or ride on a motorcycle?

The Isle of Man.

6.  In the movie of your life, who would play you?

I would play me in the movie of my life, I would be happy with no one else!

7.  If you could ask yourself an informative, direct, motorcycle related question, what would you ask and answer

What is your favorite bike? All of them!

Thanks Adam for playing along!

Liberty Vintage Motorcycles

Liberty Vintage Motorcycles

We all have been wondering what is going on with Philly Throttle and my past couple posts (here, here) only shed a tiny bit of light.  But now we have some concrete information straight from the shop!

Apparently there is a good reason why Philly Throttle has not been no the air.   According to the Liberty Vintage Motorcycle Facebook page (here) Discovery Channel had sued the owner and star Adam Cramer and the shop.

Reading between the lines it looks like the producers of the show (Sirens Media) did not deliver enough product to Discovery (it looks as if someone was claiming not enough bikes were built?). But Mr. Cramer produced documents and footage showing that they had enough for six episodes.

Mr. Cramer faced Discovery in a Merit Trial in Silver Springs Maryland.  A merit trial is one at which a case is evaluated by a judge to determine whether it has “merit” to move forward or to dismiss.   The judge will render a decision after he has gathered all the fact and has evaluated those facts.   This trial was held in the District Court of Maryland, mostly likely because Discovery’s headquarters is located in Maryland.

The way I read his post is that he won, that Discovery did not have merit to move forward.  Not sure what that means for the future of the Philly Throttle show.  Mr. Cramer indicated that there was enough material to produce additional shows.


From the Liberty Vintage Facebook Site.

From the Liberty Vintage Facebook Site.

Liberty Vintage Motorcycles

Liberty Vintage Motorcycles

Well, Discovery Channel responded to my inquiry regarding the status of their show Philly Throttle.  Reading between the lines it does not bode well for  it coming back.  I base this opinion on the fact that if they were going to air new shows in spring or early summer the new shows would be in post-production and those airdates would be tentatively penned in.  (Disclaimer, I am not an expert in TV production/scheduling but I did stay at a Holiday Inn last night 🙂 )

Here is the response from Discovery:

Dear Viewer:

Thank you for contacting Discovery Channel.

We appreciate your enthusiasm regarding our programming and for taking the
time to write us.  Positive feedback such as yours is very important to us.
We want you to know we will pass your comments on to our program management
and executive producers.  Please know that each and every comment is read
and taken into consideration for future programming.

There are no new airdates available for Philly Throttle, but please
continue to visit for updated information on this

Thank you again for expressing interest in our programming.


Viewer Relations
Discovery Channel

Liberty Vintage Motorcycles

Liberty Vintage Motorcycles

I do not normally look at the “Search Engine Terms” stats of the blog, but I did over the weekend.  Looking at that stat I noticed I have received more than a few searches looking for the status of the show Philly Throttle.  The typical search term was “has Philly Throttle been cancelled?” or something similar. Based on those inquires, I looked around a bit myself and, as I noted in this post, found no updates on the shows status.

During my “look around” I found a link on the Discovery Channels webpage for “Viewer Relations”.  I jumped in that rabbit hole and ended up making the following comment/question:

“First, THANK YOU for all the motorcycle related programing!  Your network has done wonders for the motorcycling world. I run a motorcycle related blog ( on which I occasionally comment on and review motorcycle related TV.

I wrote a piece about your show Philly Throttle earlier in the year and I have received more than a few pokes about the status of the show.  Can you tell me if Philly Throttle has been renewed or cancelled?  If it has been renewed is there a time schedule for airing the new season?

Thanks in advance

Warren Massey”

After posting the comment/question, their conformation screen stated that they attempt to respond within one week of receiving the inquire.  So here’s hoping we will get an answer to the question soon!

Liberty Vintage Motorcycles

Liberty Vintage Motorcycles

This motorcycle show follows the happenings swirling around Philadelphia’s Liberty Vintage Motorcycles and its owner Adam Kramer. It completed its first (and I hope not last) season recently.  I was only able to catch the last couple of shows but it was enjoyable, even though it follows the same “got to get it done, tight deadline” plot lines as the others.

What made me pay attention to this show is that the tight deadlines are real, not so much for getting the bike to the customer but to pay the electric bill and Adam’s few employees.  You call easily tell that Adam is a vintage bike lover first and a businessman second (maybe third).

Adam the owner

Adam the owner

Another item to like, even though my first love are Harley Davidson’s, it is fun to watch old Honda’s and other bikes cleaned up and sent to good home!

Philly Throttle appears (did appear) on the Discovery Channel.  I found nothing that indicated it has been renewed for a second season, or that it has been cancelled.  I personally hope that there is another season for Philly Throttle.  You can see some of the show on Discovery’s website, check it out! 

4 out 5