Motorcycle TV: Philly Throttle some real information!

Posted: February 14, 2014 in Motorcycle TV
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Liberty Vintage Motorcycles

Liberty Vintage Motorcycles

We all have been wondering what is going on with Philly Throttle and my past couple posts (here, here) only shed a tiny bit of light.  But now we have some concrete information straight from the shop!

Apparently there is a good reason why Philly Throttle has not been no the air.   According to the Liberty Vintage Motorcycle Facebook page (here) Discovery Channel had sued the owner and star Adam Cramer and the shop.

Reading between the lines it looks like the producers of the show (Sirens Media) did not deliver enough product to Discovery (it looks as if someone was claiming not enough bikes were built?). But Mr. Cramer produced documents and footage showing that they had enough for six episodes.

Mr. Cramer faced Discovery in a Merit Trial in Silver Springs Maryland.  A merit trial is one at which a case is evaluated by a judge to determine whether it has “merit” to move forward or to dismiss.   The judge will render a decision after he has gathered all the fact and has evaluated those facts.   This trial was held in the District Court of Maryland, mostly likely because Discovery’s headquarters is located in Maryland.

The way I read his post is that he won, that Discovery did not have merit to move forward.  Not sure what that means for the future of the Philly Throttle show.  Mr. Cramer indicated that there was enough material to produce additional shows.


From the Liberty Vintage Facebook Site.

From the Liberty Vintage Facebook Site.

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