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OK… the boys at Dawghouse Radio have made me a fan of motorcycle racing. 

A while back I wrote a post regarding how I was not a fan motorcycle racing and why I did not care for it.  That post got me an interview on the DawgHouse which led to a hosting spot.  My view on road racing began to change the more I began to pay attention to the racing in order to be better prepared for the podcast. 

It really started during the MOTOGP and World Superbike 2015 racing seasons.  There was a lot excitement all season long. Mark Marquez and Valentino Rossi feuding, Jorge Lorenzo working hard to be the champ was engrossing.  Combine that with World Superbikes Johnathan Rea’s utter domination of that series and the motorcycle racing world just pulled me in.    

Motorcycle racing also pulled my wife in as well.  The bug did not bite her for road supercrossracing but for Supercross and to a lesser extent Motocross.  She and I have sat on the couch and watched the 2016 Champ Ryan Dungey and the rest give it their all every weekend. This year Debbie and I have watched all of the Supercross events and have even discussed going to one next year.   

I still hold to some of my original thoughts about motorcycle racing in the US.  One of the reasons, I think, that Supercross is so popular is that all the spectators can see all (or almost all) the track at one time something you can’t do at motocross and road racing events.   

I also think a racing series limited to V-twins running on some of the NASCAR short track would take off in short amount of time. This would be a little reminiscent of the old board track days.  Harley, Indians, Victory, Star and all the others going at it on a short oval would be a lot of fun to watch.

Moto-AmericaIn addition to the MotoGP and World Superbike I have also been viewing MotoAmerica.  Even though I have only been watching for the last year, I can tell that a high level American series is really needed to help propel American racers to the world stage.  The racing on the American circuit has been fun to watch and I hope they will be able to expand their reach soon.   

So, twist the throttle, I am now a motorcycle racing fan





Around the world in less than 100 day on a Victory.


Man steals a motorcycle and gets run down!


How to plug a tubeless Motorcycle Tire


US Army Land Speeder?!?!?


Captain Kirk’s newest ship grounded…sad

Victory is recalling 2014 Victory Cross Country, Cross Country Eight Ball, Hammer Eight Ball, High Ball, Jackpot, Judge, Ness Cross Country, Vegas Eight Ball, Vision, Boardwalk, and the 2015 Victory Gunner.  The problem, their engines may seize unexpectedly.

victory logoApparently the crankcases on these bikes were machined to incorrect standards.  A lack of clearance between the crankshaft and the crankcase could cause the engine to seize, which could cause a lack of control and a crash.


If you own one of these motorcycles you can contact Polaris customer service at 888-704-5290.

The recall NHTSA campaign number is 14V227000


In other Victory News: 

The 2014 American Victory Rally in Spirit Lake Iowa has been canceled.  According to the press release:

“All of us at Victory are disappointed that we are unable to host the rally this year as we know our riders are passionate about their bikes and the opportunity to connect with each other, the Spirit Lake community and Victory employees at the annual rally,” said Marcy Bosch, committee chair for the American Victory Rally. “We will be transforming our manufacturing lines this summer to keep up with the demands fueled by the continued enthusiasm for Victory logo-victory-riders-association_hdbikes and our other products, which means we won’t be able to free up the facilities and dedicate the resources necessary to support a quality rally. We are grateful to our riders and the Spirit Lake community for their continued support and passion for the Victory brand.”

Wonder how much of the Victory line is being converted to Indian?

I like to listen to the DawgHouse 2 Wheel Radio show .  It is a motorcycle podcast which the hosts call “A completely irreverent, totally biased, intellectually challenged and scornful study of the twisted life of the motorcycling world & those who inhabit our planet, all wrapped up in a disturbing weekly show!” and I can’t completely disagree with that description to much  😉  The show use to be on Saturday mornings on a local Washington, DC radio station but was dropped when the station changed formats. It is now broadcast on the internet Tuesday nights.  I typically listen to the podcasts during my commute.morehead1

The last couple weeks they have been discussing and lamenting the fact that motorcycle racing does not have much of a following in the US. So after listening to those shows I sat back and thought about why I am not a follower of motorcycle racing. I do caveat the following this with the fact that I have watched some bike racing on TV, both road and super-cross.

While I am a lifelong rider I have never really followed the road racing scene (in fact I have only once attempted to attend a bike race at BSR/Summit Point but the $30 entrance fee was too much to watch just a small portion of the track). I do follow, loosely, NASCAR and I have even been to a couple races (in the 80s).

Long story short I came to the following conclusions (right or wrong just my thoughts):

1. I want to see more of the race. I can, for the most part, see the entire track at NASCAR and super cross, not so with road racing, car or bike. When I can’t see all the action I do not feel I am getting my money’s worth, I don’t really know what is going on, and unless I am near the start/finish line I have no idea who won. Motorcycle road racing on TV just is not as well coved as a NASCAR (which only has a couple of road races) or as well as the auto grand prix style races which also has attendance issues.

This maybe an American predilection for this type of racing.  Like our version of football and fondness of baseball, it is neither right nor wrong  it just is.  With the NASCAR tracks folks can see the action, depending on how thick the beer googles are!  And the same applies for our other major American sports, I can see the entire playing field from my seat. I can see the entire track at Supercross and when I see it on TV it looks better attended than any other version of motorcycle racing I have seen.

2. Harley is not road racing. Yeah, I know, but the fact is that the folks you want to watch are the folks who watch NASCAR and ride Harley. My two favorite manufactures are Harley and Honda (Royal Enfield is #3) but there is a large gap between #1 and the rest. So unless I am really enamored with a Honda sport bike (I am not) I have no emotional draw to the sport.

Without that emotional pull do I want to pay $30 dollars to see part of race then walk or ride around the track to see different parts of the action?   No not really.

tamagawa_nov6_49So what would get me into motorcycle racing? What could be done to fix this situation?

I only have one idea which might be used pull people into the sport.  First, it will not be road racing.  Second it will have to be a V-Twin bike. So what I am thinking is that we have a V-Twin series (NASCAR has car and truck) for those of us not into the sport bike world.

It would also have to be an oval (turn left) track.  The NASCAR super speedways would be too large for bikes like this but not the short tracks like Bristol could be a lot of fun.

Would Harley, Indian, Victory Star and others compete, would it be a privateer series? I do not know but I do know that I would be more interested in seeing a race of this nature then I would a normal superbike road race.

Combine a V-twin race to an oval and I start to think WOW! And when I think back to the old pictures of motorcycle racing in the early 1900’s I think of oval board tracks and large crowds. Would I go to the speedway during Daytona Bike Week to watch guys race Harley and Indians, yes I would!

Just saying…..


International Motorcycle Show

I went to the show (Debbie had to work again) with my friends Tim, Karma and their daughter McKenzie. We got a bit of a late morning start but got lucky with the metro (subway) and made to the show at about eleven AM.

The show was held at its now normal location, the DC convention center. The last time I had attended the event was two years ago so I was looking forward to seeing new products and get any cool swag. One note of interest was that attendance was free for military, with ID cards, but Deb had bought my ticket as a Christmas gift before we knew of the discount….oh well.

Progressive Insurance is the major sponsor of the event and their area was front and almost center to the entrance. They and an old school electric slot car race track setup for people to race in order to earn a t-shirt. We did not race but the race track was cool. OH, Flo was not there.

In addition to the major manufactures there were a lot of vendors but, I do not think there were as many as the last time I attended. The crowd was about the same, it was a nice turn out on a wet, rainy day.

The only disappointment for me was in the helmet area, I am looking for a new modular (flip-up) helmet to replace the Fulmer that I currently own. My Fulmer’s locking latch broke and is over five years old, it needs to be replaced. I am interested in the Nolan 104 and was hoping to check it out at the show but no one had the Nolan helmets.


2014 Honda Valkyrie

We took a good look at the new Indian bikes, they are nice! I was surprised to see that they are using a mono-shock on the rear end (see pic below). There were a lot of folks swirling around the Indian booth which made it hard to take good pictures but also indicated that there was real interest in the bikes.

I also looked though the Victory, Honda, Yamaha and Ducati venues. The new models for those bikes were out and had a lot of interest from the crowds. The Honda area was very packed with bikes. Because of how close they were to each other and with the crowd of people it was almost impossible to get a picture. The Honda that was getting the most attention, at least when I walked though, was the Valkyrie.

After we were done with the show we headed back to Tim’s and Karma’s house. When we got off the metro the consensus was to go to Chili’s for lunch…this was where the most interesting part of the day occurred!

As we were walking into the restaurant a guy was coming out and asked Tim for a smoke, to which he replied “Sorry, we don’t smoke.” At that the guy became belligerent and started yelling and cussing at Tim. This guy was a bit on the big, solid size and I thought he might be trying to start something. I moved to the right of the two of them, I was placing myself in a position to jump in if the guy made a move, it was very clear that he had been drinking….or something! Luckily for him (it would not have been a fair fight) he chose to move on.

When we went into the restaurant we found out that they had just refused him service because he was causing problems. But, even with that we had a good day with friends and motorcycles!

Well this was the first day of the fall that I needed chaps for a motorcycle ride.  Pulling out at 7:45 AM the temp was 45F, cool before I began moving.  My wife had to work today so I followed her to her favorite breakfast stop Chick-fil-a.

Shenandoah River

Shenandoah River

After eating our breakfast she went to work and I began my ride.  With my destination of Winchester Motosports set I had no particular route in mind, so I decided to take “River Road”, County road 606, which I picked up at its intersection with VA Route 7.  This road follows the Shenandoah River for about 10 miles.  The views are picturesque now but in a few weeks when the leaves reach their peak color it will be spectacular!

When 606 leaves the river (and changes names several time) you weave through backcountry Virginia until you reach the intersection of US Route 50 and 606.  I was tempted to turn around and ride 606 again but I moved on towards the Royal Enfield dealership.

As I mentioned a few posts ago I found Winchester Motosports when I looked at the new Royal Enfield Continental GT website.  I thought it would be neat and visit the store and check out the bikes they had on hand.

When I arrived I meet Ed and the owner Carl. Turns out that Winchester Motosports is not only a Royal Enfield dealer but is also a Moto Guzzi dealer.  They are also one of the largest motorcycle consignment resellers in Northern Virginia.  They were also, at one time, dealers in Victory and Triumph bikes.

Carl is a very gregarious guy who, you can easily tell, absolutely loves what he does.  His knowledge of the bikes he sells (or sold) is immense.  I really enjoyed my conversations with Ed and Carl!  If you are interested in Enfield’s, Moto Guzzi or a used bike of any kind I would consider Winchester Motosports as a first stop. WP_20131019_026

After ogling the bikes for a bit it was time to start for home as the weatherman said that rain was coming in the afternoon.  Weaving through more back roads, I ended up on US 340 and then hoped on VA Route 9.  About an hour or so later I was back in Leesburg.  Round, trip I put on 125 miles on a pleasant, but cool, fall day.

There was one big negative on today’s ride.  I dropped by phone and now the screen is krap and the pictures are not right.  Nearly all the photos on this site have been taken with my Nokia 928 phone.  I have been very happy with this phone and camera.



Victory Cross Country

The National Traffic Highway Safety Administration (NTHSA) has directed a recall on “certain Lock & Ride accessory passenger backrests, part numbers 2877938 (chrome) and 2877938-266 (black) for use on Cross Country, Cross Country Touring, Cross Country 8-ball, Cross Country Touring, and Hardball motorcycles”.  If you have one of these parts for a 2010-2013 bike contact Victory (the number is below)  According to the NTHSA recall 13,709 parts are affected.

Here is the recall issued by the NTHA (it is quite a ways down the page do a search for Victory):

Polaris is recalling certain Lock & Ride accessory passenger backrests, part numbers 2877938 (chrome) and 2877938-266 (black) for use on Cross Country, Cross Country Touring, Cross Country 8-ball, Cross Country Touring, and Hardball motorcycles. If a passenger backrest has, or has had, a luggage rack attached to it, part numbers 2877950 or 2877950-266, the backrest can fail due to the additional load of the luggage rack

If the passenger backrest fails while the motorcycle is in motion, it may increase the risk of a crash.

Polaris will notify owners, and dealers will mail a recall notice to all registered owners of any 2010 through 2013 Victory Cross Roads, Cross Country, Cross Country Tour, and Hard Ball motorcycles. If they have, or have had, an affected passenger backrest/luggage rack combination installed on their motorcycle, the backrest and luggage rack will be replaced, free of charge. Polaris will mail an interim letter to owners in September 2013. Owners will be mailed a follow up notification in Spring 2014, when parts are expected to be available, so they may schedule the repairs. Owners may contact Polaris at 1-888-704-5290

Owners may also contact the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Vehicle Safety Hotline at 1-888-327-4236 (TTY 1-800-424-9153), or go to