Motorcycle Racing… I am a fan now!

Posted: May 10, 2016 in Motorcycle, Motorcycle racing
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OK… the boys at Dawghouse Radio have made me a fan of motorcycle racing. 

A while back I wrote a post regarding how I was not a fan motorcycle racing and why I did not care for it.  That post got me an interview on the DawgHouse which led to a hosting spot.  My view on road racing began to change the more I began to pay attention to the racing in order to be better prepared for the podcast. 

It really started during the MOTOGP and World Superbike 2015 racing seasons.  There was a lot excitement all season long. Mark Marquez and Valentino Rossi feuding, Jorge Lorenzo working hard to be the champ was engrossing.  Combine that with World Superbikes Johnathan Rea’s utter domination of that series and the motorcycle racing world just pulled me in.    

Motorcycle racing also pulled my wife in as well.  The bug did not bite her for road supercrossracing but for Supercross and to a lesser extent Motocross.  She and I have sat on the couch and watched the 2016 Champ Ryan Dungey and the rest give it their all every weekend. This year Debbie and I have watched all of the Supercross events and have even discussed going to one next year.   

I still hold to some of my original thoughts about motorcycle racing in the US.  One of the reasons, I think, that Supercross is so popular is that all the spectators can see all (or almost all) the track at one time something you can’t do at motocross and road racing events.   

I also think a racing series limited to V-twins running on some of the NASCAR short track would take off in short amount of time. This would be a little reminiscent of the old board track days.  Harley, Indians, Victory, Star and all the others going at it on a short oval would be a lot of fun to watch.

Moto-AmericaIn addition to the MotoGP and World Superbike I have also been viewing MotoAmerica.  Even though I have only been watching for the last year, I can tell that a high level American series is really needed to help propel American racers to the world stage.  The racing on the American circuit has been fun to watch and I hope they will be able to expand their reach soon.   

So, twist the throttle, I am now a motorcycle racing fan


  1. Experimental Ghost says:

    You know Wazza, I reckon you’d enjoy BEARS,

    It stands for: British, European and American Racing Series.

    I’ve never seen it televised but have gone to the local track to watch when its on. Its a great day out and its one of the few race days where you get to see everything from include model superbikes through to 1950s classics.

    You can find out more here


  2. steve ford says:

    I’ve been a fan of motorcycle racing in all forms for more than 30 years, and one thing I can say is that its presence in the good ol’ USA has been diminished in the last five years, especially road racing. I live 10 minutes from Sonoma Raceway, and for years went their every May or June to see the AMA pro road racing series, which is now history, but thank god Wayne Rainey and some investors stepped in to create MotoAmerica or else we’d have no American circuit. I wish MotoAmerica would come to Sonoma and I can’t understand why they don’t ! Additionally, MotoGP will never see Laguna Seca again. My only consolation is that Supercross comes to the SF Bay Area twice in a season, and the Hangtown motocross race is about 90 minutes up the road from me in Sacramento. But here’s my point – those of us who love the sport need to help promote it. It needs more fans ! If we don’t help promote it, it could disappear from our radar. When the AMA pro road racing series started to fold, I was so upset that these amazing athletes were not getting the recognition they deserved, and it’s up to us to get them recognized and supported, just as if they were any other type of entertainer. Let’s rally people !!!!

    • Steve you are spot on! MotoAmerica is on year 2 so I hope they only can go up. Right now I can watch the races on BEIN network (I have directv) and the racing is good, but, sadly, BEIN has very little exposure.

      Tie that to the fact that there is no on-demand (to the contrary of what BEIN states) of races the only direction is up. MotoAmerica has some GREAT potential and I am looking forward to seeing what happens.

      The closest it gets to our area metro DC is VIR in southern VA. But there is zero adverts in our area for the race, so no one knows.

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