2014_zero-s_product-page_overview-imageI have been reading a lot about electric motorcycles lately.  About how they are getting improved performance, more versatility and better range. But here in the metro Washington DC area there will have to be revolutionary changes to range and attitudes before they can even begin to be discussed in the same sentence to their fossil fuel brothers and sisters.

Depending on which building I am working my commute is either 25 miles or 36 miles in length, one way, which can translate to up to an average of an hour and thirty minutes.  My commute is average a best and great compared to some of my neighbors.

The range on most of the bikes indicate that I would have no problem getting to work but as for recharging the batteries while at work, it is not going to happen.  At one of my buildings, I drove through the entire parking garage and found no outlets, let alone a dedicated charging station.  At the other, there is a conventional outlet but I would have to carry a 100 foot extension cord to connect the bike.  I did not ask the building owners if they would let me “plug in”, but I think the answer would be no.

So that would leave the trip home.  According to the propaganda/literature (Zero motorcycles claim that their range is up to 171 miles in the city) I should be able to make it home with out a recharge.  But, that assumes the temperature is not to hot or too cool, that there are no hills (there are) and limited stop and go traffic (DC, LOL)!  I would need Xanax every afternoon to cope with the range anxiety….but most drivers in this area should be on that drug!

Now with all that being said I will stick with my Harley but, if one of these companies would like to me to test a bike come spring I would consider being a test subject.

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