9 Best Motorcycle Tanks of 2019

Posted: February 25, 2020 in custom motorcycle, Motorcycle
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Not sure what was going on in 2019 but there were not a lot of selections for the “best of” motorcycle tank art.   As always, these tanks might be from a time much earlier than 2019 but that is when I first saw them.

This year there was no cut down, I ended up with 9 and this is those 9 best motorcycle tanks for 2019.  I wish I could attribute the artist (and photographer) who made these crazy works of art.  If you know who created these rolling motorcycle art pieces, formally called a tank, please let me know so I can properly label them.

Which one do you like the best?


  1. David White says:

    The clown is my favorite. So many people are afraid of clowns. I guess we all have a fear of something.

  2. Spitshine says:

    Thanks for including my tank here! (top left)… It was the tank on a 1960 Harley Davidson Panhead that I designed and built and entered into the New York Javits Center competition in 2013. It took 1st place! Thank you, Spitshine

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