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Up until now I did not know that this motorcycle even existed. Not surprising as, according to a couple sources, only about 300 were made. But, the Aermacchi Chimera motorcycle is, in my eyes, a very cool, space age, looking bike. 


The Aermacchi “Dream” (the translation for Chimera) was designed by Alfredo Bianchi as his first project for Aermacchi Motorcycle.  It was originally produced as a 175cc bike but was later updated to a 250cc engine both with 4 speed transmissions. 

a6After Harley Davidson bought into Aermacchi Motorcycles in 1960 the Chimera was discontinued. But the engines would go on to support several Aermacchi and Harley Davidsons including the Harley Sprint. 

There is something about Italians and their motorcycle designs. While this particular bike did not become a sales success it sure is a success in the history of motorcycle design.