Motorcycle ride on the Harpers Ferry Road.

Posted: June 18, 2014 in Motorcycle Rides, motorcycle touring
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Good description of Harpers Ferry Road!

This road kind of parallels the Potomac River and the C&O Canal starting in the south on the Maryland side of the river across from the town of Harpers Ferry, WV and is a great road for motorcycles. We rode from there to Sharpsburg, MD which is where the Civil War battle of Antietam was fought (this link will take you to our ride to the Antietam Battlefield).

The road is only about 13 miles long it is twisty, with lots of elevation changes, stomach dropping dips, blind corners and blind entrances to the roadway; it is not a road for the beginning rider to take lightly or with speed. It is also scenic and lots of fun, even if the speed limit is only 35 MPH. There are several neat places to stop along the route including the C&O Canal, Antietam Battlefield, Antietam Iron Works Inn, and Harpers Ferry of course.

The road has views of some great stuff; railroad tunnels, rail road overpass, small towns, rock walls, open farm land, cool barns, mountain cliffs, and on and on!

If you are ever in this area I highly recommend a short side trip to ride this road…and then get some ice cream across the river in Harpers Ferry!


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