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By now we all know that there is indeed a liquid cooled touring Harley.

I ran across this You Tube video on how the new system works.  It is a video of a video (with poor sound) that someone shot at some Harley Davidson Event.  But it describes, with animation, quite well how the new radiator in the lower fairing system works.

Check it out!


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Patent Drawing for Liquid Cooled HD Motorcycle

I ran across and interesting post on a few days ago regarding this subject.  I have often wondered about this and was always curious why the VRod is the only water cooled bike in the HD stable. But, I never put any real effort in looking into this effort and I doubt that anyone in Milwaukee would answer the question for me!  LOL.

But, after a few Bing searches I came up with some surprising things like the Cycle Word report on Harley’s patent for water cooling the heads.  Even more detail on the patent was on The, although I wonder how much the radiators in the lower fairings would warm my feet.

Now I know that many of the hard core Harley Davidson fans out there would be put out by the departure from history.  Many of them (me) enjoy the simplicity and tradition but, the fact is that the EPA is going to force this sooner or later. Based on what I see in the patent drawings and things I read looking into this, I think Harley is attempting to go liquid cooled in a manner what will not change the classic look of an HD motorcycle.