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The Florida State Fair motto is “Discover the Fun.”

Well it appears that the motto only applies some of the time.

In 2010 a group of motorcyclists, including two from the Spirit Riders Motorcycle Ministry and one with the US Military Vest MC were turned away from the Florida State Fair due to a “no colors” policy that was initiated in an effort to discourage gang activity.

The fair’s employees turning away the motorcycle riders was caught on tape and the three filed suit in Federal Court.

Last month, the trio were awarded $72,500 in a settlement.

The Fair Authority and its insurance company decided to settle the lawsuit, but they still believe the no-club-colors policy was constitutional.

Most people with the IQ equal to their shoe size know that if you pay that kind of money, you don’t think you will win.

The Florida State Fair policy has since been changed to: “the fair may turn away or eject people who are disruptive or who display behavior associated with “criminal gang membership.” Yeah because we all know those Christian bikers are such a law-breaking bunch!

This should be a lesson to anyone who would stop the free speech rights of bikers to wear colors. While it’s reasonable to assume that you don’t want the Hells Angels and Mongrels facing off in a public place, there are other ways of dealing with the problem, and punishing everyone for the acts of a view is about as unAmerican as it gets.