Winter Blues…. Thinking about riding!

Posted: January 29, 2014 in Motorcycle news, Motorcycle Rides, motorcycle touring
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OK, the winter “I can’t ride” blahs have set in!

In an attempt to overcome those blahs I started thinking about possible rides for when (or if it seems) it warms again. The problem with long rides is that the wife and I started new jobs so we little vacation time built up, thus we need to stay close to home with weekend rides.  I hope we will be able to get a week or so holiday so maybe I will be able to squeeze one, multiday long, trip in.

So here are some of the rides I came up with to lighten my winter blues (in no particular order):

Appalachian Waters Scenic Byway (Route 39)

Highland Scenic Highway

Appomattox Court House, Virginia

Eastern Continental Divide

Complete the C&O Canal on the Motorcycle


Maryland/Delaware HOG Rally

West Virginia HOG Rally

Mummies of the Insane

Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum


Moonshine Made Here

The Arm of Stonewall Jackson

World’s Largest Apple

Skyline Drive

Home of real John-Boy Walton  (more for my wife, HUGE Walton’s fan)

US Marine Corps Museum

Claw of the Dragon, VA

If we are able to get a week or so vacation I think we will try again to go to Niagara Falls. We were going to do that last summer but it did not happen.

OR…. Maybe we will head south and look for that retirement area where it might snow about one every 5-10 years!

  1. codyriver says:

    Won’t be long now….I can feel it

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