It is that time of year again. Time to think about holiday gifts for your beloved motorcyclist (or crazy biker). This year I looked at what I would want for ME! Lucky for me they are quite applicable for any biker, rider!

9. Clear lens glasses – When it starts to get dark sunglasses are not the best thing to be wearing, been there, did that, did not like it. Having a second set of clear lens glasses or transition glasses will help your motorcyclist a lot.

8. Heated gear – We all “Just Want 2 Ride” right. The gift of heated gear will extend the riding season weeks or months depending on where you live.

7. Bike manual – The shop manual for your motorcyclist’s specific make and model. He or she may never use it for doing the hard work but knowing what is needed is always helpful before taking the motorcycle into the shop.

6. Lip balm/Suntan Lotion – Now how long has that stick of lip balm been in your biker’s pocket or saddlebag? If anything like what is in my bags…..2 to 4 years old, LOL Get them a replacement.

5. Handlebar Cell Phone Holder – There are a LOT of different types of phone holders out there. Some work better with certain phones so make sure you know what your motorcycle rider uses before buying the handlebar holder.

4. Frame them – Frame a nice picture of them with their motorcycle.  Simple and cheap but you might have to snoop on their phone to find the best one! 

3.  Helmet – Is your biker’s helmet more than 5 years old? If so, ask some sneaky questions to find out what they like in a helmet.  Full face, modular, open face, there are so many possibilities… maybe a gift certificate for a helmet might be better.

2. Custom Dynamic Motorcycle Lights – Custom Dynamic makes SUPER bright, eye catching lighting for motorcycles.  I have several sets on my bike and wish I had more! Look at the ProBeam LED Motorcycle Turn Signals.  These turn signal lights are really DIY

If I could get a commission on every purchase of Custom Dynamic lights I have influenced, I would never have to pay for this website again.

1 – Membership in the AMA – That is the American Motorcycle Association not he medical association (or the version of the AMA in your area).   Membership not only gets you things like emergency towing it gets you a voice in Washington DC.  The AMA is the biggest (but not the only) motorcycle lobbyist group trying to protect your right to ride.  This is, most likely the most important motorcycle gift idea on the list!

           American Motorcycle Association

Ride on, Ride safe

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