Motorcycle Ride: Leesburg, VA to Georgetown (DC).

Posted: May 5, 2014 in Motorcycle, Motorcycle Rides
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Debbie and I decided to take a short motorcycle ride this past weekend.  We had not been out on a bike for a few weeks due to weather and life “stuff”.  Stuff meaning adult things like yard work, home maintenance, spring cleaning and all that “stuff”.  This was a last minute decision as we had overslept and missed church. 

It was a bit after ten Sunday morning when we pulled the Army bike out of the garage and headed to the Leesburg International House of Pancakes for breakfast.  Surprisingly neither of us ordered pancakes, I had a spicy sausage and jalapeno omelet and Debbie had a scrambled egg platter. We made a few jokes about the May the 4th being Star Wars day, had a nice conversation about other things and stuff.  We rolled out of the parking lot about 11:30.

We took VA Route 7 east most of the way to Georgetown and when we arrived….well it turns out we had the same idea as about another 200,000 people.  The area was packed with cars, bicycles, and pedestrians. We did not stay very long and rode north along the Potomac River taking the Clara Barton Parkway, and River Road.

Eventually we stopped for a late afternoon lunch at Bassets in Poolesville, MD.  Dining in the bar, we both had burgers and relaxed for a bit.  In the short time we were indoors the sky and become overcast and the temperature had dropped noticeably. Deciding that discretion was the better part of valor this day, we took the short route home and crossed the river using Whites Ferry.

Other than the mess in Georgetown the ride was great, we put about 100 miles of easy riding down and had a good afternoon together.


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