What has happened to Easyriders magazine?

In the lead up to Christmas 2021 when, at a local bookstore, I noticed the latest issue of Easyriders magazine.  But that magazine did not look at all correct, it did not have a hot bike and girl on the cover.

In fact, glancing through it at the newsstand, it did not have “really” have any hot bikes and no nude or scantly clothed women.

The new Easyriders magazine looked more like coffee table style magazine then anything else.  All this raised my curiosity to find out just what happed to the old school motorcycle magazine.

Death of Easyriders Magazine

The original Easyriders magazine was a champion of the counterculture, on the road biker symbolized in movies like “Easyrider”.  But, as we all know, the printed word is in decline due to the evolution of digital media.  From my point of view, magazines have been the hardest hit with many, to many, motorcycle magazines failing to survive the transition. 

Easyriders magazine started in the early 1970s and always showcased the best motorcycles from across America along with the aforementioned scantily clad women.  Later Easyriders would host and run events, rallies (or as they called them rodeos), and motorcycle shows.

From what I can gather, that Easyrider magazine closed its doors and auctioned off what was left in 2018.

So, What Happened Next?

It appears that a Canadian clothing company called StrongHold now owns the name and trademark of the old company.  If you go to the new Easyriders website you can purchase $16 shaving kits, $30 t-shirts, $25 boxers, and $60 hoodies.

The magazine, as noted above, is now more “up-scale” targeted to a very different audience then the original Easyriders. On their website they state that this is an “Elevation of an Iconic Brand”, that it is more then a magazine it is a lifestyle.

I purchased the second issue and I enjoyed it quite a bit.  Short stories and great pictures laid out in a modern format; the magazine looks nothing like the classic version.

Rodeos and events

Easyriders did support three events 2021 but the long running, over 30 years, rodeo in Chillicothe, OH will not be back in 2022 but not due to the pandemic.

The town, fairgrounds and county will not allow the Easyriders event to return because, during the 2021 event, there was, very nearly, a “gang” battle. 

According to reports an undercover cop stopped the unnamed biker gangs from starting a shootout when he spotted “his” gang putting guns together and getting ready to move against their rivals. The gangs were not identified.

Easyriders is dead, long live Easyriders.

I am sure many purest will not like the new Easyriders but, at least it is still around.  I don’t have any issue with the new direction while at the same time, I am kind of missing the old magazine. Things change and in this new age, at least we still have a motorcycle magazine on the news stand.

Ride On, Ride Safe

(If I did not get anything right, please let me know!)

  1. Pat Savage says:

    Yes agreed on all counts and remember like the old format the old riders are dying off and a new generation of bikers are in charge and the new market, I like your blog!

  2. Emily P. H. says:

    Question..so what would a 1999 Easy Rider magazine featuring the 30th anniversary of Easy Rider movie with Peter Fonda autograph and personal photos taken that day in NO be worth today?

  3. Larry Petersen says:

    Glad to hear something about this, I think David Mann was holding this mag a float for most of the years, but of his passing, May he ride forever! I knew it was a matter of time before Easyrider magazine would fall! But those old mags will be worth a lot of more Moe at shops, in the last 5 yrs of sub. Must have over100 mags, and still enjoy some sitting in my Bathroom you know when I am thinking about Bikes! Thanks for the info and keep on bikeing with EASYRIDER!

    • Larry, I enjoyed the old Eastrider’s as well. The only thing the new version has in common with the old is the name. However, it is not too bad in its own right, different but still a motorcycle mag.

  4. Danny Kruger says:

    it was a rag at best. Child like fiction. Really jerky.

  5. Thomas Dodds says:

    Easyriders lost their roots and what they were all about . No longer a biker magazine but a Cosmopolitan for men .

  6. Dave Nichols says:

    Hey, Easyriders has been back for a full year now. I am the original editor from back in the day and we started up Easyriders again in December of last year. Please check us out at classiceasyriders.com – Dave Nichols

    • Thanks Dave! That is good to know. Maybe we can do an article about your effort with Classic Easy Rider. DM me on twitter @ijustwant2ride

    • Bob (puttin' dutchman) says:

      Do you know of anyway to get past issues? I’m looking for Easyriders issue for November 26th 1987 and Super Cycle #53 March 1985. Any archives or reprints?

      • Captain Bob says:

        Best way is to set a “Search” on Ebay for specifically what you want and you will get an e-mail if it comes up for auction.

      • Puttin' Dutchman says:

        Thanks Captain Bob, found both issues plus and they’re on their way.👍

  7. Joe says:

    if memory serves, the Original formate changed in the late 1980s when it was sold out and went ” Corporate” This was to cater to the RUB wave of new Harley ” cool”. . That was when it all really ended. No more Spider, no more Mutha’ etc…Now you say the Corporate version ( which also publisjed a “clean” issue every month without topless woman etc , has been repurchased and rebranded. ..

    • Yes. The newest version of the magazine is nothing like the either the first or the latter version of the magazine. Which, IMHO, is not bad it is just different than one would expect from a magazine called Easy Rider. As you can see from an earlier comment you can get something similar to the original (or the second version, not sure). The name Easy Rider has changed a lot over the years.

  8. Bob Coville says:

    Looking for past issues of Easyriders and Super Cycle 1985 and 1987. Any suggestions on how to get used or any publishers reprint?
    Also I’d bring notice to the term “gangs” as opposed to “clubs”.

  9. bill weiker says:

    So, is the current Easyriders magazine different than current ClassicEasyriders magazine? Or is it the same magazine ?

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