Motorcycle Recall: Honda gets it ‘Wings clipped…. to the tune of 126,000 bikes recalled!

Posted: September 9, 2014 in Motorcycle, Motorcycle advocacy, Motorcycle news, motorcycle safety
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GoldWingAs a lot of Goldwing owners have known of the problem with the rear breaks sticking, dragging, overheating and some even catching fire!  Honda has initiated a recall on the bikes to fix the issue.  The bikes that are affected are GL1800 Models from 2001- 2010, 2012, and GL1800A models from 2001-05.

“The recall notification letter Honda sent to the NHTSA states a “preliminary letter” will be sent to owners with instructions on how to conduct pre-ride and post-ride inspections so they can identify the condition. If the condition exists the bike should be taken to the dealer to be inspected, at no cost to the owner.  A second letter will be sent to owners to let them know a repair exists or that replacement parts are available.”

So this is NOT a do not ride recall!

This will be a good chance for Gold Wing owner to try out the new government website.  This is the website where you can enter your VIN number and find out if you are affected.  I wrote about it in an earlier post.

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