May is motorcycle safety awareness month…here is an idea to help spread awareness to the children.

As we all know, all the safety gear we wear and all the safety tech on our motorcycles are just not enough at times. Awareness of motorcycles by drivers of cars and trucks is as important as everything we do.

To help improve the awareness in others (and therefore ourselves) we need to start teaching children to watch for motorcycles. That is why the idea of teaching kids to count motorcycles instead of “punch bugs” is so important. If they are watching for motorcycles as kids they will have an easier time seeing them when they start to drive. Thus our safety as motorcyclist is improved. The payoff is in the future but let’s invest now.

Make a game that has a small reward when they spot “X” number of motorcycles. Ask your non-riding friends to do this with their children. Mention it at events and gatherings, just get the word out. You know when a 6-year-old yells “motorcycle” that their parent is going to see it to!!


  1. ttfnwingnut says:

    As always, you are on the mark. April, bikes finally started to come out of hibernation and we had two deaths in Calgary, one in Edmonton. Not a good start. Speed was definitely the cause of one riders death. The word I get out is the thought that most riders know of the dangers / risk but we accept and rely on our skills to see us home in one piece. Almost like a rule, we don’t talk about it ( demons ) but doesn’t mean we can’t educate others. I have some other thoughts I will share with you when I clear some cobwebs out.

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