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md toll

It is not very often that I have something nice to say about the state due north of my home. Heck, this is the state that taxed rainfall!  {{EDIT: not the state but the state government }}

BUT, I just learned (thank you AMA) that Maryland is undergoing a modernization of its road toll system, to be in place by 2020. As part of that plan motorcycle will be tolled at half the current cost. A 50% reduction for those of that ride!

Now this is not a done deal. The Maryland Transportation Authority board has a public comment period open through the 3rd of October. If you live and ride in Maryland you need to make your thoughts known by going to the Maryland Toll Modernization website and leave your comment. Unless you want to pay higher tolls, in that case please disregard the link above!

The board is scheduled to make final recommendations at the end of November, 2019.

I must also give credit to Maryland Governor Larry Hogan. Most politicians whine and state that this is going to cost the state $28 million dollars. The Governor stated that this was going to SAVE the citizens $28 million, that is the correct way to portray the effort.


There are a couple of bike events taking place in York this month.

First is the Harley Davidson York Vehicle Operations Open House the 19th-21st.  The York plant assembles the Softail, Touring, CVO and Trike motorcycles and the open house allow you to conduct a self-escorted tour of the operations.  You can see the bikes being birthed (the VIN # applied to the frame) to rolling out the door.  The plant open house is different from the Steel Toe Tour (which I have not done) in that there is no charge, it is unescorted and you do not get the swag.

I visited the open house two years ago and it was a cool event.  In addition to the walk through of the plant there were demo bikes available to ride and a bunch of the nearby dealerships had setup merchandise tents on the plant’s grounds.  I am considering going again this year. The open house has been a “Pin Stop” for HOG members in the past.

The other event is the White Rose Thunder Motorcycle Event. The event has bike shows, vendors, stunt teams, motorcycle racing, a bike night, concerts, swap meet and many other activities.  I have never attended this event, if you are interested take a look at the website.