Motorcycle Product Review: Bilt “Iron Workers” Kevlar Pants

Posted: December 26, 2013 in Motorcycle, Product Reviews
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Front side of Bilt Kevlar Pants

I bought a pair of Bilt’s Kevlar riding pants early this season (March 2013).  There were half off in a sales circular from Cycle Gear.

I have worn these pants as often as not on my rides Debbie and I have taken this year.

On the plus side:

* They are comfortable, after the first washing.

* In the heat of summer they were no worse than a pair of heavy denim jeans.

* In cool weather they cut the wind a bit (in the areas that have the Kevlar reinforcement).

On the minus side:

* The fit was OK, the legs were a bit long for me and they are not designed to allow for easy hemming with the Velcro cuffs.

* The kneepads sat well when riding but (due to length of the legs) fell below my knees and rubbed when I walked. I ended up removing the armor as it was very uncomfortable when I was off the bike.

On the Cycle Gear website the pants receive a 4.1 out of 5 rating and 4 is what I am giving them as well.  Let’s hope I will never have to review them post use!

All in all I like these pants enough to consider getting a second pair.

4 out 5

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