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Travel%20InsuranceA fellow blogger recently had an accident riding Route 66 while on holiday.  Roy is from the United Kingdom and put a lot of effort into this trip. Luckily Roy had bought travel insurance, just in case and was “covered”.  But, from my point of view, the use of the travel insurance was much harder than I would have expected.

You can read about Roy’s preparations for and the ride on Route 66 here.

You can read about his experience with travel insurance complications here.

Based on what I have read about Roy’s experience and my own, limited, international travel I have a few recommendations.

  • Scan a copy of all your important documents and email them to yourself (or use a cloud storage service like SkyDrive).  This would include items like your main passport page, flight itineraries, insurance documents, etc.
  • If traveling to the US add a contact entry of ICE (In Case of Emergency), most US police will look for that entry when examining your phone.
  • Do not assume the insurance will cover any particular items.  Directly ask the questions regarding coverage.
  • Do a lot of research before buying the insurance.  Frommer’s and others offer reviews of insurance carriers that you can use to start your research.
Triumph motorcycle

Ann Margret Triumph

Following up on the last post about a crash, how about more crashes! recently published a top 10 list of “Celebrity Motorcycle Accidents”.  While these are all US based they are interesting to read.

Who knew that Ann Margret and Lauren Hutton even rode motorcycles!