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The July Bikes & Breakfast, for Poolesville, MD gathering occurred over the weekend. The 1st Sunday morning of each month motorcyclist collect in a Poolesville parking lot for a meet and greet.

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This month my grandsons are in town, so I took the older one with me to the event.  Taking the blue Harley Davidson, we rode the motorcycle the long route to Poolesville, on a beautiful bright day but very humid morning.  We arrived about mid-morning and there were not a lot of bikes in the parking lot.  At first, I thought maybe it was Covid-cancelled but we hung around to see what would happen.

By about 10AM the parking lot was getting full, I would guess there was at least 70 motorcycle on display.  Besides the ubiquitous Harley Davidsons, there were the standard Triumphs, Hondas, etc. There were a bunch of custom bikes from café racers to bobbers.

The one motorcycle that stood out for me was a 1967 Moto Guzzi.  A two-owner bike that is in remarkable shape for a very well ridden bike.  Of course, it helps if the owner runs a vintage European Motorcycle garage.

When we left, we took the White’s Ferry across the Potomac river and head for the house.  My grandson said he had a good time, but 14 year-olds…does one really know?


Be aware that this motorcycle recall list is for the United States, there is no way I could cover the entire world. But in the world of global manufacturing, if a motorcycle is being recalled in one country there is a good chance it is under recall in others. Also, this should not be considered a definitive list, check for yourself if you have any questions.

If you are US based use the NHTSA website Enter your VIN number to see if your motorcycle is affected by the recall.

If you are based in outside the USA use the appropriate website to locate recalls that may impact you.


Manufacturer Arcimoto Inc

NHTSA Campaign Number: 20V032000


Potential Number of Units Affected 50

Summary: Arcimoto Inc. (Arcimoto) is recalling certain 2019 FUV motorcycles. During full right steering lock, the brake line may contact the steering main-link.

Remedy: Arcimoto will notify owners, and dealers will inspect for proper clearance between the hard brake line and the steering main-link, correcting as necessary, free of charge. The recall is expected to begin in January 2020. Owners may contact Arcimoto customer service at 1-541-683-6293.


Manufacturer Arcimoto Inc

NHTSA Campaign Number: 20V031000


Potential Number of Units Affected 50

Summary: Arcimoto Inc. (Arcimoto) is recalling certain 2019 FUV motorcycles. Due to electrical interference within the electrical harnesses and modules, the instrument cluster display may intermittently go blank. As such, these vehicles fail to comply with the requirements of Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) number 123, “Motorcycle Controls and Displays.”

Remedy: Arcimoto will notify owners, and dealers will install a flyback/damping-diode to the exterior of the wiper motor to block a power surge, add filter and surge protection to display backer board or inline to upgrade display’s ability to block electrical noise, and install Check RAM Corruption (CRC) software. All services will be performed free of charge. The recall is expected to begin in January 2020. Owners may contact Arcimoto customer service at 1-541-683-6293.


Manufacturer Triumph Motorcycles America, LTD

NHTSA Campaign Number: 20V015000

Components STRUCTURE

Potential Number of Units Affected 3,244

Summary: Triumph Motorcycles America, LTD (Triumph) is recalling certain 2016-2018 Thruxton, 2016-2019 Thruxton R and 2020 Thruxton TFC motorcycles. The side stand spring may fracture, possibly allowing the side stand switch to activate and shut off the engine.

Remedy: Triumph will notify owners, and dealers will replace the side stand spring, free of charge. The recall is expected to begin February 10, 2020. Owners may contact Triumph customer service at 1-678-854-2010. Triumph’s number for this recall is SRAN 570.


Manufacturer Triumph Motorcycles America, LTD

NHTSA Campaign Number: 20V014000

Components POWER TRAIN

Potential Number of Units Affected 1,304

Summary: Triumph Motorcycles America, LTD (Triumph) is recalling certain 2019-2020 Speed Twin motorcycles. The gear shift lever linkage may separate from shifter ball joint, resulting in an inability to change gears.

Remedy: Triumph will notify owners, and dealers will secure the attachment with a different thread locking compound, free of charge. The recall is expected to begin January 27, 2020. Owners may contact Triumph customer service at 1-678-854-2010. Triumph’s number for this recall is SRAN 569.


Manufacturer Genuine Scooters, LLC

NHTSA Campaign Number: 20V010000


Potential Number of Units Affected 148

Summary: Genuine Scooters, LLC. (Genuine Scooters) is recalling certain 2020 Royal Alloy GT150 scooters. The front brake rotor may become uncentered within the front brake caliper allowing the inner brake pad to dislodge from the top of the brake caliper.

Remedy: Genuine Scooters will notify owners, and dealers will reposition the brake rotors with spacers to prevent the brake pads from dislodging, free of charge. The recall is expected to begin in January 2020. Note: Genuine Scooters requests owners to not drive their scooters. Please have the scooter towed to a dealer for repairs. Roadside assistance coverage has been provided along with owner’s warranty so the tow will be free of charge. Owners may contact Genuine Scooters customer service at 1-773-433-1311.



Motorcycle dispatch riders have been around nearly from the start of the motorcycle era. They came into their own during the two World Wars carrying messages to and fro across the battlefield.

They rode a variety of bikes. Americans typically on Harleys and Indians, Brits on Triumphs and Enfield’s. Other bikes were used as well, Douglas, Matchless, FN, Mausers, BSA and BMW for example.

Wikipedia has a brief entry on Dispatch Riders but that article does not cover the training of those riders. The videos below show us some of the training that the riders underwent during the Second World War by US, British and Canadian soldiers. Well worth your viewing time if you are interested in this type of motorcycle history.

Motorcycle Dispatch Riders – ‘Texas Daredevils’ (1914-1918)

British Made – Testing Army Motorcycles (1915)

Military Police Motorcycle Training (1940)

U.S. Army motorcycle dispatch riders pass road test WWII

U.S. Army Trains Dispatch Riders 1943

1938 British Army Motorcycle Trials

American Motorcycle Corps Training

Canadian Army Newsreel – Dispatch Riders Train For Action

Canadian Army Motorcycle Training

U.S. WWII Motorcycle Troops Train at Fort Olgethorpe, GA

Lots of Photo of Motorcycle at War (all sides of WWII)


Not really TV, it is more than what you have received from television.  Stories of Bike is a web series that dives into the hearts of most of us that love motorcycles. If you “feel” motorcycles, and if you are reading a little nothing blog like this you likely do, you will get what they are giving you and want more!  From my point of view it is a version of “Why we ride” but done in a love affair with people documented.

To describe this series of short films (films because I think they are better than web TV) is a bit difficult so I will let the creator Cam Elkins:

“About a builder, working with his hands and why he or she builds and rides the bikes they do. I could never find a video that went further back than that. I wanted to hear their story that got them there.

Not just builders, but every day riders and their bikes. Their histories, their dreams, challenges, loves and losses. I wanted to see these stories and how riding a bike makes it all better.”

What brought the series to my attention was their first episode Answers. Answers is about a man taking a solo world trip on a 1969 Royal Enfield Bullet 350. As much as I love RE, not something I would do 🙂

The video series have won, deservingly, multiple awards for editing, cinematography and best documentary.  I can’t recommend this enough.  Season two is coming soon so please take the time to watch their product, it will be worth your time.   After you watch the YouTube video above go to their website and check out the rest of the series. 5 out of 5 stars!

5 star


I can now say if I have not seen it all, I must be getting close.  These products are produced by 2×2 Cycles out of North Carolina.  Their motto of “Who says you can’t take it with you?” explains their reason for being.

They look safe and secure and if I could still golf I might consider this for my bike.  They make products for: Honda, BMW, Kawasaki, KTM, Suzuki, Yamaha, Triumph, Aprilla and Ducati motorcycles.

Check out their website here!image from


Over 400 hundred 2013 Triumph Trophy motorcycles have been recalled due to an issue with the center stand.  Apparently the mount for the center stand my break causing the bike to fall over.

From what I can tell from a few Triumph blogs/forums, Triumph has already notified some of the owners who are affected.  The recall number from Triumph is SB508RM2013/033.

According to an article on, you can contact Triumph at 678-854-2010.


Well this was the first day of the fall that I needed chaps for a motorcycle ride.  Pulling out at 7:45 AM the temp was 45F, cool before I began moving.  My wife had to work today so I followed her to her favorite breakfast stop Chick-fil-a.

Shenandoah River

Shenandoah River

After eating our breakfast she went to work and I began my ride.  With my destination of Winchester Motosports set I had no particular route in mind, so I decided to take “River Road”, County road 606, which I picked up at its intersection with VA Route 7.  This road follows the Shenandoah River for about 10 miles.  The views are picturesque now but in a few weeks when the leaves reach their peak color it will be spectacular!

When 606 leaves the river (and changes names several time) you weave through backcountry Virginia until you reach the intersection of US Route 50 and 606.  I was tempted to turn around and ride 606 again but I moved on towards the Royal Enfield dealership.

As I mentioned a few posts ago I found Winchester Motosports when I looked at the new Royal Enfield Continental GT website.  I thought it would be neat and visit the store and check out the bikes they had on hand.

When I arrived I meet Ed and the owner Carl. Turns out that Winchester Motosports is not only a Royal Enfield dealer but is also a Moto Guzzi dealer.  They are also one of the largest motorcycle consignment resellers in Northern Virginia.  They were also, at one time, dealers in Victory and Triumph bikes.

Carl is a very gregarious guy who, you can easily tell, absolutely loves what he does.  His knowledge of the bikes he sells (or sold) is immense.  I really enjoyed my conversations with Ed and Carl!  If you are interested in Enfield’s, Moto Guzzi or a used bike of any kind I would consider Winchester Motosports as a first stop. WP_20131019_026

After ogling the bikes for a bit it was time to start for home as the weatherman said that rain was coming in the afternoon.  Weaving through more back roads, I ended up on US 340 and then hoped on VA Route 9.  About an hour or so later I was back in Leesburg.  Round, trip I put on 125 miles on a pleasant, but cool, fall day.

There was one big negative on today’s ride.  I dropped by phone and now the screen is krap and the pictures are not right.  Nearly all the photos on this site have been taken with my Nokia 928 phone.  I have been very happy with this phone and camera.


Triumph motorcycle

Ann Margret Triumph

Following up on the last post about a crash, how about more crashes! recently published a top 10 list of “Celebrity Motorcycle Accidents”.  While these are all US based they are interesting to read.

Who knew that Ann Margret and Lauren Hutton even rode motorcycles!