2 Million Bikers to DC ….. Wrap Up

Posted: September 12, 2013 in Motorcycle news
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2 million

The ride occurred, as you know, yesterday amid controversy.

While I did not participate I did watch the TV news coverage throughout the day. I was quite dismayed by the reporting early in the day. Several of the local DC news stations continually portrayed the event as “angry” (showing one of the organizers, mid-sentence, saying he was angry but with no context), and “anti-Muslim” (the reporter making that statement juxtaposed with a biker wearing a Confederate flag patch).

BUT, as the day went on there was a surprising twist to the reporting. Angry and Muslim was dropped nearly completely replaced by “patriotic”.  By the end of day, the reporting was much like this from ABC Channel 7.  Read in the change in reporting tone what you will.


  1. D. Ford says:

    I would have liked to participated in this if if wasn’t so far away from AZ. I’ve found this “work” thing gets in the way of my motorcycle riding!

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