After watching the first two episodes of this season I am….disappointed.

After a first season of decent shows I expected a second season of great shows.  I don’t know if they have a new director or producer (I could look that up, but I won’t) but the overall implementation of the show leaves me wanting to go back to last year. 

In the first show Dale was sent to a GPS location to find an old Excelsior.  He had received a hand written note, which looked like a third grader was the author, with directions to the “secret location”.  Along the way Dale grabs a deep pocket friend to pay for the bike, if they can find it.  When they reach the secret location of the bike they find a garage of old parts and Harleys but no Excelsior, then they look in the rafters before “discovering” a door to the other part of the garage.  Each time they enter the rooms for the first time a camera team seems to have magically appeared inside.  In the end they find another third grade level note asking for $80,000 dollars for the bike.  They put the money in a cigar box and leave.  It was a corny as it sounds.

The second episode was not any better.  Here Dale was on the hunt for the long lost “Road Dog”, the largest, ridable motorcycle built.  Except it was not really lost, and shots of Dale peering through holes in a barn wall going “is that it” were almost cartoonish (again the camera team magically gets their firs).  Turns out that a local Harley Davidson dealer had already bought the bike for his dealership (oh, and it started right up).  The story behind the bike is very interesting and watching Dale ride it at the end was worthwhile. 

All in all I am not a big fan of the new product.  I will still watch the show as the content is good but the attempted “made for TV reality show hype” needs to stop as you DO NOT NEED IT.

Same rating as last year 3 out of 5 stars.

3 out of 5 stars



  1. […] My reviews were not five star but that was more due to the production not the content. […]

  2. Brian O says:

    The first episode was dismal contrived scenes searching for a bike at night in the middle of nowhere. Its supposed to be 3 or 4am and the sunlight is streaming through the windows the whole show is a joke a bunch of kids from junior school could have done a better job.

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