165 Pound Motocross Bike

165 Pound Motocross Bike

How about this for a “THE FUTURE IS NOW” motorcycle… A carbon fiber frame (which is also the tank), carbon fiber swing arm (which is also part of the exhaust), carbon fiber rims and carbon fiber body work.  As if that was not enough there is this; titanium expansion chamber, titanium axel and nut, and the shock springs are titanium as well.

The bike uses a KTM engine and weighs only 165 pounds (75 Kilos).  The bike is a freestyle motocross bike collaboration between Unit (an action sports innovator) and Triple Eight Race Engineering.  The goal was, of course, to reduce weight but also to develop an experimental bike for the freestyle MX world so don’t look for it on the dealer floors, yet.

You can read a much more detailed report on the bike at the TransWorld Motocross website.

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