Royal Enfield: A Thumping Journey Through Social Media

Posted: March 14, 2014 in Motorcycle
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As you may know I like Royal Enfields…. here is a new video on their new GT


Brand Worms

Royal Enfield as a brand is one that symbolizes power and has achieved a cult status over the years for offering cruiser bikes which have a soul.  The Brand has seen 50% growth in sales figure when Indian bike industry was going through a major plunge. Customers were lining up for 8-10 months waiting period when critics were busy criticizing it for handling, ride and built quality of Royal Enfield. But did that thing affect RE’s sales?  Why people refused to listen the content king critics and lined up to buy RE? All magic lies in the art of storytelling.

2013Sep12181512_608x342 (1)

The brand has managed to associate with the feelings and stories of their customers and what could be the best way to prove it apart from the sales chart. Hold on for a second and try to remember, when was the last time you saw a promotional campaign by Royal…

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