6 ½ Question with Adam Cramer Star of Philly Throttle!

Posted: April 24, 2014 in Motorcycle, Motorcycle TV
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Recently I had a chance to exchange emails with Adam Cramer star of Discovery Channel’s motorcycle show “Philly Throttle and owner of Liberty VintageMotorcycles. I have posted several times (here, here) about him and the show and the legal battle with Discovery. Mr. Cramer had to be coy about the future of the TV show but he did answer some fun questions.

Adam the owner

Adam the owner

1.  What is the craziest thing you have done on or to a motorcycle?

          I got chased by the cops for 3 hours around center city Philly on my 1965 triumph.  No helmet, not sober and got away by doing a wheelie for 3 blocks before losing the cops by riding up the art museum steps Rocky ran up and riding down a back staircase.

2.  What is the third most important thing in your life?

        Motorcycles, family first, my building second.

3.  What “Guinness” type world record would you like to break?

I’d like to have the wheelie title!  I believe “wheelie king” Doug Domukus is champ now.

4.  What is the longest trip, by motorcycle, that you have taken?

Philly to California to Nevada to Texas to Philly, 8700 miles round trip.

Liberty Vintage Motorcycles

Liberty Vintage Motorcycles

5.  Where/what is the number one place you want to visit or ride on a motorcycle?

The Isle of Man.

6.  In the movie of your life, who would play you?

I would play me in the movie of my life, I would be happy with no one else!

7.  If you could ask yourself an informative, direct, motorcycle related question, what would you ask and answer

What is your favorite bike? All of them!

Thanks Adam for playing along!

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