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Posted: December 6, 2014 | Full size is 570 × 592 pixels

  1. My Lil brother and I planned to ride the Tail Of The Dragon this next year, but his untimely passing will not let him be there… I still plan to do it in honor of him and was wondering about look out places and or pull off locations on the Dragon??? We want to stop and have a moment of silence and celebrate his life for a few minutes on the mountain…
    My question, where is a good spot or is there NOT a good spot to pay tribute to my Lil brother… There is not going to be a lot of bikers, maybe only 4 of us making the trip, so we won’t be blocking traffic or causing a problem for anyone on the road…
    Thank you for any possible location(s) on the dragon to pay tribute to Terry…

    • My condolences for your loss. There are several areas along the Dragon where you can pull off and pay tribute. It is a mountain road so depending on the time of year you may have to make several passes if you want the area to yourself/group. Also another nice area is the top of the Cherohala Skyway where the views are spectacular. If you are going to the Dragon you would likely be doing the Skyway as well…. just a thought.

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