Not sure why but I ran across two pictures of Gorman Harley Davidson motorcycle dealership (Shreveport, LA) on two different websites within 10 minutes of each other.  A quick web search revealed that in opened in 1946 and that was about it.

Do you guys know anything about Gorman HD?

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  1. Jim Bourg says:

    I believe Gorman’s H-D was open in the 30’s maybe ’46 is when they opened in this location. Cherry Wallace bought the dealership in the mid 50’s & it became Wallace H-D. James Wallace succeeded his dad & owned it until the late 90’s. James recounted to me one time that his dad & Gorman were partners but when WWll came the business couldn’t support both so his dad opened dealership in Texarkana. Then as mentioned his dad came back to Shreveport in the 50’s.

    • WOW… thanks for the information! That is so cool!

      • Jim Bourg says:

        There were other stories James told me after his dad died such as when he had the chance to be Honda’s dealer in Shreveport & turned it down, James telling me that probably wasn’t one of his dad’s best business decision. The dealer that took the Honda line was behind them & they, by then I was a customer, had to watch out of their service bay, the explosion of Honda sales, poring salt into the wound.

  2. This is one of the reasons I love doing a blog! If you ever are interested in writing a post let me know.

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