9 items to check on your motorcycle for spring

Posted: March 16, 2015 in Motorcycle, Motorcycle advocacy, motorcycle safety
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Why nine…because everyone does ten and eleven is too many!

With that said, spring is around the corner, the weathermen are not predicting any more snow (LOL) and your motorcycle is calling you from the garage. BUT before you hit the road you should perform a few tasks to make sure you are safe and the bike does not suffer.

I am going to avoid some of the more obvious stuff like T-CLOCS and try to hit the things you might have overlooked or not thought about.

  1. Check your gear – Your riding gear has been setting around as long as your bike. It might have been stuffed in your saddleback for months. Get your gear out and clean it up. Run it through the wash or clean it by hand. Apply water repellant or waterproofing after you have cleaned your gear for a little more protection, unless a rain storm is your preferred method of cleaning your gear.
  2. Check your helmet – Yes, your helmet is part of your gear but I am calling it out separately as it deserves special attention. First clean the exterior, those bugs from 2014 should be dry and easy to remove by now. Next remove and clean the interior padding, according to the manufacturer’s directions. Also, check out all the nooks and crannies for SPIDERS (and not the Can-Am species by the way).
  3. Replace Gear – I know that many of you, just like me, try and stretch your money as far as possible but now is a good time to take a good look at your own gear. While this is really an inherent subtask of the first two items on the list I wanted to call it out as YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR OWN SAFETY. Is your helmet still good to go, are your gloves still in good condition? If something is not right then have it repaired or replaced before the season gets into 5th gear.
  4. Give your motorcycle a colonoscopy – If you did not do a good job preparing your bike for winter  you should take a peek up your tail pipe. It is not uncommon for “critters” to climb into the exhaust to hide food or make a nest.
  5. Give your bike a rub down – Happy ending optional. Give it a good wipe down to clean off the dust and debris that has adhered to your bike over winter. This way you might avoid the stinky smells from all the dust and dirt burning off as the engine heats up.
  6. Restock your saddlebags – If you pack a first aid kit replace what you used last year or what is now expired. Sunscreen and chapstick….might what to swap them out for new. That candy bar you had for an emergency snack go ahead and eat it now and put a new one in its place.
  7. Review the owner’s manual – Get yourself reacquainted with the bike.
  8. Check your insurance – Did you stop or reduce your insurance on the motorcycle over the winter? Give a quick call to your agent to get your insurance up to date.
  9. Check your battery – Hopefully you kept your battery on a tender over the period you had it locked away in solitary confinement. But even if you were good and keep the battery plugged in, you should still check its voltage, which should be at least 13 volts with the engine off… but check your owner’s manual for the correct standard. AND, I would hope that as you were checking the voltage you would notice if the terminals needed to be cleaned as well.

Soooooo take these items with your T-CLOCS checklist and make sure your steed is ready to roll.


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