The Muscleheaded Top Five Motorcycles of All Time

Posted: April 8, 2015 in Uncategorized

I liked this and thought that you might as well.

The Müscleheaded Blog

motI always love to make our Muscleheaded readers happy if I can…

Today, I had a unique opportunity to do that in this post.

And me, too —
’cause I LOVE to ride, —

You see,

sidecarthis is a post on four —

(count ’em- four!)

(and which probably explains the ridiculously long title)

— it’s about gorgeous vintage (old) motorcycles.

One of my readers had sent me an email mentioning a post I did some time ago called:

fastThe Best of Vintage British Motorcycles“.

The writer asked if I liked any other kinds of sleds other than Brit ones….

and, further inquired what I thought of German ones,

since she was …

… well..,

from Germany.

And truthfully,
although I’m obviously a huge fan of English and American bikes,

— my all time favorite bike was made in Germany, in the 1930’s.

Here it is.

Motorcycle of the Week -- 1934 BMW R-7 Concept

It’s called…

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  1. Thank you for the reblog — I appreciate it ! 🙂

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