Ride to Eat ~ Eat to Ride

Posted: November 25, 2015 in Uncategorized

LOL…. we all like to ride to eat!

Two Wheeled Life

A catchy motto, wouldn’t you say?

I caught on pretty quickly in my riding experience that if you are looking for good food – ask a fellow rider. We are the people who try and find those scenic out-of-the-way roads which, conveniently have kitchy, artisan out-of-the-way places to eat. The best bread pudding. Steak that is mouthwatering and perfectly done. Chocolate cake that is sinful.

I writer has to fill the gas tank, as well as fill their own tank. It makes sense.

On one of my forays out, I came across a little place called Little Quallicum cheese works. Which makes me wonder where big Qualicum is,-but I digress.

Little Qualicum cheese works is an artisan cheese factory on Vancouver Island. Based in Little Qualicum,it also has a morning star farms. And Mooberry winery. Because really, what goes better with cheese than wine?

A short little ride but oh…

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    Thanks for the reblog.

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