Grabbing Toes at 70 MPH!! – LOL Zim Killgore posted this to You Tube nearly a year ago but I just ran across it.  Cruising up the highway Commander Zim spots some Halloween socks sticking out the window and decides he should ride his motorcycle close enough to pinch the toes inside the socks.

Moto Guzzi builds a BAD ASS Trike No really, a tank treaded trike built in the 1960s by Moto Guzzi to climb mountains.  

Retracting Motorcycle License Plate… BUSTED. A man decides to evade the EZ-Pass toll system on his motorcycle by installing a retracting license plate. 

Stunters shut down Times SquareKen, of the DawgHouse Motorcycle Radio, has been ranting about these events causing the motorcycle community to have a black eye.  See one happen in Times Square.

Top 10 tools to take touring.  Well do you carry these tools on your motorcycle?

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