’tis the season of gift giving for many around the world and if you know an avid motorcyclist I am sure she or he would appreciate a motorcycle themed gift.  Whether under the tree or handed directly as an unwrapped gift, bikers will enjoy gifts aimed at one of their favorite things.

These 9 motorcycle themed gift ideas are just to help get you started, there is so much stuff out there you are sure to find that one item to light up their eyes.

9 – Books on motorcycles.  Make sure that it is a general topic or specific to his or her bike.  My recommendations: stealing speed

          Racing – Stealing Speed: The Biggest Spy Scandal in Motorsport History

          General – American Motorcycle Girls

8 –  New motorcycle riding glasses – Over time even the best glasses will show wear and tear.  Glasses are quite personal so make sure you think the purchase through, maybe even just buy a newer version of what he/she already rides with.  My recommendation:

          Wiley X Air Rage with polarization & eye cavity seal

7 – Motorcycle themed t-shirt – Something to wear around the house. You can get all types of themes; racing, cruising, vintage and just about any make or model motorcycle. My recommendation is one of the hundreds of BRAAPP shirts out there, I like this one (if anyone cares 🙂

          USA BRAAAPmaps

6 – Motorcycle Maps – These are maps made specifically for motorcyclist and showcase all the fun and interesting roads.  Most are broken down by region so make sure to get the ones that work for your rider.  Now in the age of computers and GPS why buy a paper based map?  IMHO there is something to be said for looking at a map on a cold, rainy day planning out the next epic ride. My recommendations:

      Mad Maps

5 – Battery Tender – Over the long winter break batteries tend to die.  This motorcycle gift will help your motorcyclist out and make sure the bike is ready to go on the first day of riding season.  I don’t have a recommendation for a specific brand, they are almost all good.  Just get one that comes with the ends that connect to motorcycle batteries.

4 – Tire Repair Kit – Make sure you know if the tire is tubed or tubeless as that will define what you buy. Either way I recommend:

          Stop n Go Tire Repair Kit (this one is the tubeless)

3 – Bluetooth intercom set – This makes it so much easier to talk with your passenger (or other bikes if it so equipped).  There are many versions of these devices out there, shop around as I do not have a particular recommendation.


Just left the house

2 – Helmet – Is your bikers helmet more then 5 years old?  If so ask some sneaky questions to find out what they like in a helmet.  Full face, modular, open face, there are so many possibilities… maybe a gift certificate for a helmet might be better.  My recommendation (and we own this one):

          Nolan Evo 104

1 – Membership in the AMA – That is the American Motorcycle Association not he medical association (or the version of the AMA in your area).   Membership not only gets you things like emergency towing it gets you a voice in Washington DC.  The AMA is the biggest (but not the only) motorcycle lobbyist group trying to protect your right to ride.  This is, most likely the most important motorcycle gift idea on the list!

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