7 Days in September 2017

Posted: January 28, 2018 in Uncategorized

Maryland Moto

This past September, I took a trip I’d been looking forward to since deciding to get a motorcycle. I was determined to ride the length of Skyline Drive, the Blue Ridge Parkway (BRP), the Cherohala Skyway, and US 129, a.k.a. the Dragon. I was familiar with a good part of the route, as the prior year (with only five months riding under my belt) I rode Skyline Drive and the BRP to Asheville, NC and back after spending the weekend enjoying some truly excellent beers and good times in AVL with my family. On that trip I spent one night in Roanoke on the way down and back, crashing on a friend’s couch and the weekend at a hotel. This year I planned to camp four of the six nights, on the way down and back and stay in a hotel for two nights in Cherokee, NC. Because of the…

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