When will it END??!!?? When will motorcycle season BEGIN??!!??

Posted: April 26, 2018 in Motorcycle, Motorcycle Rides
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This time last year we had between 500 and 1000 miles in the motorcycle.  We had several all-day rides to different places in the region.  This year we have a little under 150 miles with nothing other than “ride to eat” jaunts.  When will the weather turn good?

The few times it has been nice on the weekends, which are rare for 2018, we have had to perform those yearly home owner chores and maintenance.

So, I just looked at the weather for this coming weekend and guess what … 100% chance for rain on Saturday and 50% chance on Sunday!  AND, if you have followed this blog for any time you know that a 50% chance for everyone else is a 100% chance for me!  Well at least snow is not in the forecast.

Now Saturday works out ok in that we have tickets to see the new Avengers movie (I hope they have motorcycles again).  But, come on…..IJustWant2Ride!!!!



  1. Will B. says:

    I’m so glad I live in Texas. (Dallas, though.) We can even have 80 degree days on Christmas. Unfortunately (or fortunately?) my commute is only about 15 minutes, but I get to ride most days. When it’s cold, it’s cold, though. My wife feels about her pool like you do about your riding season, though. Our pool often won’t warm up enough until May, and by the beginning of October, at best…pretty much that’s the end of it.

  2. TedK says:

    I feel your pain. Here in New Jersey we’ve been dealing with snowstorms, noreaster’s and below normal temperatures longer than normal. I mean it’s April, nearly May already and like you, I’ve got well below the mileage that I usually have. UGH!!

  3. Ian says:

    Hi, we’re having similar thoughts in Britain. Two freak days of unseasonable warmth a week ago and then we’re plunged back into cold showers. brrr!

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