9 Last Minute Gift Ideas For Your Motorcycle Enthusiast

Posted: December 8, 2018 in Motorcycle, Motorcycle advocacy
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Have a motorcycle enthusiast (aka biker) on your gift giving list this year? Here are 9 ideas of what you can give them … for a reasonable price, in no particular order.  Most of these would be available in local dealerships. 

9. A branded hat – Gal or guy you can never have to many hats to show off your brand loyalty.  Of if they are like me, if the motorcycle theme is cool, the brand does not really matter. 

8. A branded jacket – Not talking about a heavy, armored riding jacket but a casual jacket to wear out and about when not on the motorcycle.  

7. Cleaning supplies – Yes soap, sponge, rags but also some specialty cleaning products like my preferred product, S100.  S100 should be available at any motorcycle dealership. 

6. Motorcycle themed t-shirt – Something to wear around the house. You can get all types of themes; racing, cruising, vintage and just about any make or model motorcycle.  

5. Frame them – Frame a nice picture of them with their motorcycle.  Simple and cheap but you might have to snoop on their phone to find the best one! 

4. Motorcycle road maps – There are many brands and types out there.  Many dealerships have some of these on display for that last-minute stocking stuffer. 

3. Motorcycle gloves – If your biker’s gloves are a bit over the hill now is the time to pickup a new pair.  Some consideration, vented for warm weather or water-proof for the rainy day? 

2. A branded or motorcycle themed phone cover.   

1. Membership in the AMA – That is the American Motorcycle Association not he medical association (or the version of the AMA in your area).   Membership not only gets you things like emergency towing it gets you a voice in Washington DC.  The AMA is the biggest (but not the only) motorcycle lobbyist group trying to protect your right to ride.  This is, most likely the most important motorcycle gift idea on the list!

           American Motorcycle Association
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