American Supercross you have done us WRONG! Or… NBCSC does not like motorcycle racing!

Posted: December 26, 2018 in Motorcycle, Motorcycle advocacy, Motorcycle news
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ama-supercross-logo-vector-downloadAMA Supercross has left Fox Sports Network and moved to NBC Sports Channel, I am sure Supercross got a better deal financially but the fans are screwed.  First race is January 4th 2019.

Most of the fans of Supercross have to watch the races from home, few of the races are near most of us, especially if you live on the east coast. That being a fact, NBCSC is delaying the broadcast of 7 of the races. The Nashville race, for example, is delayed until 11PM EST. My wife and I love Supercross but we are not going to watch until 3 in the morning races of which we know the results.

Now NBCSC has a fix for this delay issue!

For the small fee of $75 you can watch all the races LIVE on line, imagine that! Well no thanks, we will pass. As an aside… I think NBC’s coverage of most sports is poor so I am hoping for the best with Supercross.

So now we get delayed, sometimes by weeks, broadcast of American Flat Track and now Supercross. NBC does hate motorcycle racing!

If you would like to hear what we had to say, regarding this issue, on the DAWGHOUSE MOTORCYCLE RADIO click here!

  1. TedK says:

    I fucking hate NBCSC. In fact, I hate every broadcast network of anything live. Anytime NBC, or pick a network, gets a hold of anything that should be broadcast in its entirety, they take it upon themselves to insert more damned commercial breaks and you actually miss things in the live broadcast!

    Even though I ride, I don’t watch motorcycle racing, but as an avid cyclist, my thing is watching professional cycling. The Tour de France and such. OMG the coverage is absolutely horrible. Commercial breaks every 10 to 15 minutes in a 4 hour broadcast of a live event! And eventually you always here this “Welcome back, here’s what happened while we were on commercial break…”

    Oh, you want to watch it commercial free? Fork over $25 a month. No thank you. So, what I do is DVR the event and watch it and FF through the commercials. BUT WAIT…. advertisers have figured this out and are now telling broadcasters and cable companies they don’t want to be FF’ed through. And now on some commercials when you go to FF through a commercial, a notification will pop up that says “Sorry, you cannot fast forward this advertisement”. WTF?????

    Television sucks.

  2. I was at A1 so I got to watch that one. Haven’t been able to watch a race since! So annoying :((

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