Out and About – A short Quarantine Motorcycle Ride

Posted: May 19, 2020 in Motorcycle, Motorcycle Rides
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Just a short motorcycle ride, just a bit over one hundred miles. Really nothing more than loop through northern Virgina and Maryland. BUT, we were out of the house, we were out on the bike, the weather was great (for a change) and it was fun!

Leaving our home in the late morning, it was still jacket wearing temperatures but with copious sunshine and a promise of great riding weather. Heading north we crossed both the Catoctin Mountain and creek before dropping down into Brunswick Maryland. The main street was like a ghost town. No lights in the windows and no one on the street. It is going to sad that when the quarantine is over that most of these building will still be vacant.

We did drop down next to the Potomac River and the Brunswick section of the C&O Canal to have a picnic lunch. There were a lot of folks moving along the canal towpath on hikes or bikes (peddle type). Everyone was observing the rules about social distancing so no need to freak out.

IMG_20200516_123801788_HDRBack on the motorcycle we headed up the mountain and stopped at the War Correspondents Memorial. This memorial is way out in the middle of know where but is an interesting and atypical to most memorials.  I wonder how many war correspondents are even aware of it?

From here we road about other hour heading south back into Virginia and then to home. A short motorcycle ride but one that was greatly needed.

  1. I know exactly how you feel Warren, I did a short 75 mile ride today in lovely sunshine. It sure gets the old head back together after all the bad news in the world at the moment!
    Stay safe and best wishes, Dookes.

  2. Pete s Arnett says:

    Hi Warren,
    It looks like you live in a beautiful part of the world, It is a very strange time at the moment all over the world and it will take a very long time for things to get back to any kind of normality. Thanks for your post, It looks like you had a great day out.
    Take care.
    Pete (Blackpool, UK)

  3. wickedstock1 says:

    Thanks for share this blog with us.

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