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Sugarloaf Mountian


I can see Sugarloaf Mountain from my home.  I was told that the entire mountain is a park and that we should go and check it out.  Well today I did and was GREATLY disappointed.  Motorcycles are not allowed in the park!

I noticed the administration building across the street from the entrance and decided to find out why I was prohibited from entering the park.  I spoke with a member of the board of directors (Stronghold Incorporated) and he stated that the entire board a voted to exclude motorcycles due to noise.  In particular the “whiney” noise of some bikes.  He pointed to my HD Ultra Limited and said that those were mostly ok but it was impractical to exclude some but not others.

The noise, he said, interfered with the numerous weddings and social events held on the mountain and at the mansions located on the park (the mansions are quite impressive.  That they had received many complaints from the attendees of the parties and weddings and it was not practical to bar bikes on the certain days and not others.

As our conversation ended he stated that if I wanted to go into the park that it would be ok.  I declined the offer on principle.