I have to admit that based on the commercials, I did not have high hopes for the Biker Battleground Phoenix Motorcycle TV show from the History Channel.  I was afraid it was going to a reality soap opera more focused on drama and conflict then the bikes and the craftsmanship.

The first episode lived up to my low expectations with lots of drama and not much motorcycle.  The second show was much much better, focusing on a couple of bikes being built for the Daytona Rally and the AZZkickers working up products for the new Indian motorcycles.  Episode two’s drama revolved around VooDoo’s missing a big delivery date, pranks and Paul Yaffe’s challenge to the other shops to a build off, not to bad!

This show, with episode two is a good combination of OCC and Biker Build Off.  I like it

For me, the difference between the two shows was as the difference between night and day.  I can only hope that they continue along the lines of the second show here on out.

I am with holding the issue of stars right now as Biker Battleground Phoenix could easily slide back into the form it took for the premier show.  That would be a one star, while riding along the lines of the second show would be a 4 or 5 star award.


Biker Battleground Phoenix Review, history channel, custom motorcycle, Harley, Harley Davidson, indian motorcycle, Azzkickers, paul yaffe, VooDoo, OCC

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