Pirate Beware!

Posted: January 9, 2015 in Uncategorized

Very sad turn of events.

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Someone is using my blog page as some kind of letter scheme. It started slow and then spiraled out of control with 40 or more posts about not receiving their letters. I am more than pissed…in fact, whoever pirated my page better hope I never find out who they are.

Since changing my password did not stop the illegal activities, I will now have to cancel and abandon my WordPress site for ever. I cannot tell you how hard it was to put this page together and maintain it. I have written over 800 blogs which I am sure have all been plagiarized.

I know this happens to many authors and plagiarism is rampant in our industry. It’s a damn shame really; I have less than any respect for the thieves who do this sort of thing. All I can do is hope that the Karma Angel is getting ready…

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  1. riderguevara says:

    So sad to read your last post brother!! there’s always an asshole out there!! Hope that you will open another one as its very interesting to read once in a while your post.

  2. riderguevara says:

    Let us know so we will unfriend this blog/page, thanks

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