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Ken once again rails against bikers disrupting traffic. This time motorcycles slow traffic and harass a cop on the Washington DC beltway.

Have a few $100K laying around? Might want to buy 1 of these motorcycles, but I would not recommend it myself!


Pro Flat Track motorcycle racing…tragedies in Santa Rosa. Grand National Championship 2 rider Charlotte Kainz and Kyle McGrane.  From the Pro Flat Track management “Kainz and McGrane were involved in separate racing incidents during last weekend’s AMA Pro Flat Track race in Santa Rosa, Calif. Emergency responders were on the scene within seconds of each incident and the riders were transported to Memorial Hospital in Santa Rosa where they succumbed to their injuries.”

JD Beach reacts to the flat track deaths with a scathing FaceBook post about track conditions around the motorcycle racing circuit this year.  Check out his remarks about the AMA Pro Flat Track Grand National Championship here.

Huge news in the Motocross and Supercross racing world. Ken Roczen is now riding Big Red!  That is right Ken and Cole Sealy are now teammates at HRC Honda.  With the first Supercross race towards the end of October this could be a very interesting season!  I bet Fox Sports is looking forward to the new Supercross season!

We also discuss the results from MOTOGP, MOTO2 and MOTO3 crowns a champion.  Moto2 leaders are separated by the thinnest of margins and Marquez continues to roll in a season marked with parity.

  1. steve ford says:

    I have a few friends that were in Santa Rosa last Sunday for the race. I had planned to go myself but didn’t get back from a motorcycle trip I was on in time. When I heard of the deaths, I was sickened, and was glad I wasn’t there. Racers accept the risk of what they do, and expect everyone involved to create the safest environment possible for the exhibition. JD Beach spoke out with great scorn toward the organizers, as he should, and I applaud him for doing so. Having met him on several occasions, back when AMA Pro Roadracing came to Sonoma, I know JD is pretty laid back, but also passionate about the sport of motorcycle racing, and it’s obvious that he’s tired of organizers not putting the racers health and safety at the top of their priorities. Having produced many music events myself, I have seen how a “The show must go on” mentality can interfere with crowd safety, artist safety, and rush production crews to cut corners on safety rather than slowing the pace, and making the crowd wait. We’ve all heard of pyrotechnics that have gone wrong at music events, or stages and grandstands that have collapsed, or the tragedy of Dimebag Darrell being shot to death while performing because a fan got a gun by security. In a world that has become increasingly violent, we seek entertainment as an escape, and we expect the venues we visit, and the promotors and workers of an event, to give us a safe and pleasurable experience. And while for the most part they do, we must also accept responsibility for our own safety. However, when racers like JD, and Casey Stoner is another great example, speak out about promotors and organizers putting dollars before safety, it’s time for us all to take a step back and understand that life safety has got to be the top priority at any event, and in our daily lives as motorcycle riders, drivers, etc. Splitting lanes at 70mph is not cool ! And neither is weaving in and out of cars speeding down the freeway ! We all need to slow down in life, and be present, and show respect for one another. While I cannot say whether track conditions were to blame for the deaths of the two talented young riders that lost their lives at the Santa Rosa Mile, I can say that it’s unacceptable and should be investigated to determine the root cause. Something needs to be learned from this tragedy . My grandmother used to say, your last mistake is your best teacher, and it’s true.

  2. You are 100% correct, well said!

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