Motorcycle Movie: Has CHiPs The Movie done something terrible?!?!?!

Posted: January 19, 2017 in Motorcycle, Motorcycle TV, Uncategorized
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As a product of the 1970s I loved CHiPs as the best motorcycle TV show of its time (LOL it might have been the only one)!  Ponch and Jon riding their motorcycles to “protect and serve”, it was a lot of fun.  Now we have a CHiPs move coming out in March of 2017.

I am looking forward to the CHiPs The Movie but I am aghast at what has to be a horrible, terrible, awful plot hole that, in the end, may ruin the movie for me.  It is not the fact that are riding BMWs not Kawasaki. In this motorcycle themed movie based on iconic, beloved characters …..

“Ponch does not exist!!!!!”

In the movie trailer “Ponch” is the undercover name of an FBI agent tasked with finding the bad cops in the highway patrol.  “Jon” still exists; he is a rookie cop on this first assignment teamed with the fake Ponch.  But I don’t know how there can be a ChiPs movie without a “real” ponch!

Check the movie trailer below and let me know if I a wrong!!!

I will go see the movie but this is almost too much to take!  🙂

  1. steve ford says:

    Well…. let me start off by saying that when I was a kid in the 70’s my friend Alex and I “played” Chips all the time on our BMX bikes. He had blonde hair so he was John. I have brown hair and I was Ponch. We were huge fans and never missed an episode. We live in Northern California so it was really cool for us to see the real CHP bike cops. I still live here and commute on a bike so I’m around these guys a lot and have a ton of respect for them. California drivers are assholes, and it is my hope, now that lane splitting is legal here 🎉🎈, CHP will put out some good information to motorists about our rights as lane-splitters, and bust the jerks who are doing it at unsafe speeds also. They give the rest of us a bad name ! Now, about the movie…. I’ll go see it cuz it looks like it has some good stunt riding… the plot and acting does seem a bit lame, but for me the fact that they even made this movie is pretty remarkable. I’m not sure if CHP had any say in it, but if they did they must have a sense of humor. I also wonder if the plot came to be because Erik Estrada auditioned for the part and didn’t get it so he raised a stink and then they made Ponch a fictitious character ? It’s kind of sad to see Erik doing informercials on late night TV for real estate investment at Lake Shastina, wherever that is. He could’ve used the acting work ! Anyway, I’d like a Chips movie like the Starsky and Hutch movie of a few years back, with some cameo’s of iconic 70’s stars… and maybe that’s what we’ll get ! One last thing…. I’m a huge Kawasaki fan, and owned a Z1000 at one point, but those BMW R1200 RT’s are fast as hell, and when outfitted with all the cop lighting, etc, are pretty amazing to pieces of machinery. They are very nimble and effortless to ride. I’ve been pulled over by one while on my ZX-10 and the cop literally pulled up next to me, asked if I had a motorcycle license, and as I reached for my wallet in my back pocket he said – I didn’t ask to see it, just tell me if you have an M1 endorsement. I said Yes. He said – Do me a favor and slow down. I said Yes Sir, and he sped off. I think he just wanted to see if he could catch me 😜

  2. Hey Steve… Great story!!! My friends and I did the same thing. Even if Erik did not make the movie I hope maybe some of the others may still get a few seconds on the screen. Thanks for reading and ride safe.

    • Thanks man!!!! Something funny happened after I posted this.. Dax Sheppard (Jon) the star of the movie blocked me on Twitter! LOL, I found out when I tried to contact him for an interview for the “DawgHouse”.

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