Harley Davidson States 50 New Models in 5 Years. What do you want to see?

Posted: March 24, 2017 in custom motorcycle, Motorcycle, Motorcycle news, motorcycle touring
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Recently the Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Company stated that they were going to introduce 50 new models in 5 years. From my perspective there are now 49 models still on the delivery line now that the “Street Rod” has hit the road. 

Ijustwant2 ride.comOver the last few years Harley Davidson has put out a lot of new stuff that appears to have been setting the stage for this 50 models in 5 years effort.  The electric motorcycle prototype “Live Wire” (which I got to test ride), the Street 500/750, the water cooled 104 and Milwaukee 8 engines are what I think are the underpinnings of this 50 models in 5 years push. 

So with 49 motorcycle models still to go what can we expect? Harley Davidson has already stated that there is going to be a production electric motorcycle by 2020.  In my mind that would be two additional models, one a variant of the Street line and one a cruiser (maybe based on the Dyna?).  Which gets the 50 models in 5 years down to 47 unknown bikes.   

NOW for question.  Just WHAT would you like to see in that list of 50 models in 5 years?  We spoke on that during the show #401 of the DawgHouse Motorcycle Radio show a while back.  One of my ideas would be a true sport touring motorcycle.  Something that would push back on the BMW and Triumph sport touring motorcycles.  Harley Davidson did have a sport touring motorcycle in the past, the FXRT which, seemed to have good reviews.  I just never remember seeing one. 

If you were charged to creating one of the 50 models in 5 years what would it be?

  1. MotoADVR says:

    I’m honestly hoping we see a high pipe, higher seat, longer suspension travel scrambler based on a Sportster or Street model.

    • Not a bad idea… I think the street would make a cool scrambler.

      • MotoADVR says:

        The new Street Rod is a good looking bike and for what it is I think it’s ripe for the job. I love the Roadster but it’s too pricey and honeslty a Scrambler doesn’t need that suspension or 1200 engine if that’s what is driving the price.

  2. I’d like to see a touring/sport ride to compete with the BMW. I currently ride a CVO Road Glide and it’s too heavy for gravel roads.

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