2017 Motorcycle Vacation – Bangor to Bar Harbor to Acadia to points south

Posted: July 1, 2017 in Motorcycle, Motorcycle Rides, motorcycle touring
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Continuing our motorcycle vacation, we pulled out of Bangor early to make it Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park with enough time to enjoy the sites.  Our original plan was to spend the night in Bar Harbor but we ran out of steam before making it to Ba Habr.

WP_20170626_13_04_42_ProIt took about 90 minutes to get to downtown Bar Harbor.  We dismounted and took a walk around town, down by the harbor along Main Street and looked into some of the shops.  After about two hours we decided to ride the Acadia Loop.    

WP_20170626_11_07_17_ProOnce on the loop I soon released that that we were fully in tourist season.  Cars were lined up for miles and every parking lot was over filled.  In the first half of the loop we were sharing the park with about 100,000 of our closest friends.  The second half of the loop was a lot less filled with tourist, not including me of course.

Part of the Acadia National Park is Cadillac Mountain, the highest point on the island.  Riding our Harley Davidson motorcycle to the top of the mountain we WP_20170626_12_32_00_Prowere again inundated with cars and tourist, again, not including me!   But, event with the crowd the views from the top were spectacular.  If you want to go to Acadia and Bar Harbor I highly recommend that you study the tourist season and go at the low points.  There were just too many people to truly enjoy the ride.

Making it back to Bar Harbor we decided to have lunch, buy a few trinkets and get back on the road WP_20170626_19_54_38_Proheading south.  It was a bit warm at this point but the water cooled motorcycle just putted along without any issues.  About 5PM we decided to call it a night and after looking at a few different spots decided to stay at the Spouter Inn Bed & Breakfast.

The Spouter Inn (built in 1832) is in Lincolnville Maine and is right across the road from the local beach and pier. The view from the rocking chairs on the front porch looking out was idyllic.  The breakfast part of the B&B was divine, Don and Erin are a pair of great Inn keepers.  I have to say that both Debbie and I loved our stay it was the best of our 2017 motorcycle vacation.

  1. Bob says:

    Bar Harbor is nice, albeit tacky touristy. Acadia National Park is awesome. The tourist season in Maine is short. It kicks in around mid-June and peters out end of August. Best times to travel there are early June and early to mid-September. It gets cold quick down east!

  2. Bob, that is good to note! Hope others can use it… bit late for me LOL

  3. […] 2017 Motorcycle Vacation – Bangor to Bar Harbor to Acadia to points south […]

  4. Thanks for the kind words Scott. As I’ve
    Said many tines the best part of this job is meeting people like you and Deb.
    The sad part is possibly not seeing them again. Glad to hear all went well
    On your trip from our place on.
    Next time in Lincolnville Beach, we
    have a room for Deb and yourself.
    Happy 4th and thank you for your
    Service to our country.
    Don & Erin

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