9 Wild and Weird Motorcycle Helmets for 2020

Posted: January 14, 2021 in custom motorcycle
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2020 was a lost year in more than a few different ways. For motorcyclists not only did we lose riding time we also seem to have lost some motorcycle art.

There were just not very many “candidates” for the wild, weird motorcycle helmet list this year.  I barely had enough to hit 9, the minimum number to have a list.  Why 9?  Because everyone does 10 and 11 is to much work!

So, which one is your fav-o-rite? Do you have any suggestions for 2021 because I think I will need the help?

  1. The watermelon is stylish but the blue one with the tree is beautiful!

  2. Pat Savage says:

    Quite a collection!

  3. James Taffin says:

    I was wondering where the helmet with Chinese porcelain graphics is from? Is it art or functional?
    I think it is brilliant.
    Thank you for your attention to this email.

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