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I have been looking forward to flying cars and motorcycles from my childhood day watching the Jetsons.  The hoverbike is as close as we have come so far, at least for about just under $60,000.

But do I really want to be on the road, so to speak, with the same people I ride my motorcycle with today.  Holy krap, in gamer speak I just do not have enough hit points now let alone the ability to take fall damage.  PLUS, the four blades of a blender …. Gives me shivers!

The video above show that these quad-chopper hoverbike motorcycles can be ridden well.  However, the one at the bottom shows that it takes some serious training to get it right.

The police officer trainee walks away from the crash but DAMN!

Yes, I would, today, take one for a test ride but no way would I get more that 5 feet off the ground.  And, I would have to armored up even more then when I ride my motorcycle.  Humm maybe I would not ride one, but it the blades had shrouds maybe I would.

Still looking forward to the Jetsons future.

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