9 Holiday Gift Ideas for the Motorcycle Rider in your life.

Posted: December 3, 2014 in Motorcycle
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Not sure what to get for the motorcyclist/biker?

I have complied a list of 9 items for you to consider (again everyone does 10 and 11 is to many for me 🙂 With the exception of the idea for a new helmet, most of the items listed here are under $100 US.PocketTirePlugger__00217_1410670546_451_416

Tire Puncture Kit – Might be a good idea to have one available. Make sure you know what kind of tires they have (tubed/tubeless). For example, if they have tubeless tires this kit from Stop and Go has everything they would need for a “quick” fix on the road.

Micro Tire Pump – If the puncture kit does not include (or you don’t prefer) CO2 cartridges then a small pump might be for your rider. Plus with one of these small pumps you can top off your tires anytime you need. The Slime 40001 motorcycle tire inflator is small and has a lot of good reviews.

Battery Tender – If I was lucky you read my post on preparing a motorcycle for winter storage. One of the items on the list was the use of a battery tender to ensure the battery survives the cold. I can recommend Battery Tender Battery Plus, I have been using it for a few years without problems. It comes with every connection your rider should need to hook up the battery to life support.

New Riding Gloves – There are so many types and styles of gloves available there can be no one recommendation. Take a look at what your rider currently has; if the gloves are well worn you might not be wrong by just replacing with the same brand/style.

MotoAmerica Tickets – The new all American road race series was released their schedule for 2015. If the MotoAmerica series is coming to a track near your home, tickets for you and your rider should be on your gift list. If you are outside the US consider local race series or even MotoGP.

New Helmet – Is your rider’s helmet more than five years old or has some damage? Consider getting her or him a “gift certificate” for a new helmet. I recommend the certificate because you will never get this one right…the wrong size, style, color, make, model, visor would only disappoint both of you.

Movies – Whether you buy DVDs or download here are a couple of classics (IMHO).

Why We Ride On Any Sunday

The World’s Fastest Indian Easy Rider

Across the Dirt: Dirt Bike Documentary Long Way Round


Chrome – Riding a Harley Davidson? It would be hard to go wrong with chrome. If you are not sure what chrome to buy find a dull or dark part of your riders Hog, go to the dealership and point out the spot on a like bike.

Membership in the AMA – It does not matter what you rider rides or where they ride the American Motorcyclist Association (or similar organization if you are not in the US) is there to help ensure that our rights are not infringed. There are different types of memberships and you can get roadside assistance as one of the options.



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