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Up ShiftDistinguished Gentleman’s Ride – This year plan on your Dapper Riding to take place on May 23rd.  The format of the ride will be based on the COVID rules where you live and ride.  Some will ride solo, other on specific routes and some may even get to ride as a group.

The event has raised over $27 Million dollars for men’s health causes over the years and the organizers hope to pop the $30 million mark this year.  To help that along Triumph Motorcycles will be provide four motorcycles to give to the top fund raisers worldwide. Check out for more details.

My Take – I have participated in a couple DGR rides and raised a small bit of money for the cause.  It is fun to dress up and go for a ride, especially for a good cause! 

Check out this video of me leaving for the 2014 DGR.


Up ShiftInternational Female Ride Day – This year plan to set aside May 1st to get your International Female Ride Day on.  This year it is going to be a fix of solo rides, socially distanced gatherings, and meetups in 120 countries and every continent except Antarctica.

 According to IFRD’s press release, “The movement places a spotlight on the diverse participation of women already engaging in motorcycling and powersports while inspiring other women to learn to ride and obtain their license.” It goes on to state that, even though female ridership has doubled over the last decade, women still represent just around 20 percent of all motorcycle owners, and the momentum needs to continue to advance the future of motorcycling for women and, arguably, the sport.”

The 15th version of the IFRD is using the theme (and hashtag) of #FocusFemaleForward to put more emphasis on the IFRD’s goals of encouraging new women to ride while aiming to move women forward in all aspects of motorcycling.

My Take – The 15th year anniversary!  Yet another reason to get out and ride… not that we really need one! 


Down ShiftFlying motorcycle by Subaru.  OK I thought this was an April’s Fools joke but maybe it is not.  Multiple sources are reporting, including, that Subaru has filed for a patent on a flying motorcycle.

From what I can tell the wings and engines of the flying motorcycle would fold up similar to those on a airplane on an aircraft carrier. When flying the wings would fold out, the motorcycle wheels would retract and way you are off into the wild blue yonder.

My Take – Hooey

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Riding Dapper for a Cause: A Brief History of The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride. This year’s ride is the 30th of September.


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HOLY KRAP….. One time it pays to be thankful for a slow poke.

This past September I rode in the Washington DC DGR ride. I wrote about the event and ride in this post.

A few days ago I received a letter, Air Mailed from Australia; from the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride organization (a motorcycle inspired charity). It was a thank you letter for the donation I made to the organization. It also contained a patch and a couple stickers because of the amount of money I donated. While I was not expecting anything in return it was a nice surprise (I went back to their website and yes if donate more than $100 you do get tokens of appreciation).

I really like the patch and it will make a fine addition to my vest and the stickers will go on my tool chest with all the other motorcycle related stickers. Maybe this winter I will do a post on my tool chest LOL!!


DGR, distiguished gentlemens ride

On the 28th of September I and hundreds of thousands of other around the world rode our motorcycles in support of and to raise money for prostate cancer.  WAIT that did not sound right let’s try it again… We rode in a “dapper and genteel” manner to raise awareness of and money in support of the fight against prostate cancer.  The ride was part of the world wide phenomenon known as the Distinguished Gentleman’s ride. 

The Washington DC DGR began in Georgetown at the Exxon gas station near the Francis Scott Key Bridge and the famous “Exorcist” stairs.  This was my first ride with the DGR, and I cannot state how different it is from any other event I have participated in to date.  Riding in from Leesburg to Georgetown in jacket and tie I received more than a few double takes… but that is part of the purpose of the ride right?

From my research on last year’s DGR in DC I assumed that there would be a similar number of riders and bikes in attendance about 50-60. Well, there was, in my estimation, double that, at one point I noticed a thoughtful gentleman counting the bikes at the first stop (Belle Haven Park on the George Washington Parkway) he was at 102 when I moved to take pictures.  

Due to the greater number of participates the organizers had to make a few “on the fly” changes as we progressed.  An example of the changes was the revamping of the route to loop around the front of Mount Vernon instead of riding through old town Alexandria.  That was a very wise decision as it would have caused a lot of traffic issues, which should not be gentlemen’s first choice.  The riders took it all in stride and things worked out well, kudos to the organizers.

For the record I had two items that I was disappointed with during the DGR, both were my issues not the ride itself.  First it was at Mount Vernon that I had to drop out from the ride.  I missed the stop at the US Capitol and the hoisting of pints.  Not something that I will miss next year!  Second I am only contributing $100 to the cause, I just did not have time to get out and look for sponsors.  I am making a calendar event now to start that process in early August for the next ride.

Please mark your calendars for next years ride!


dgrI have never heard of this motorcycle ride before but I am very intrigued.  I ran across the link in while just surfing around and I think I may participate in next year’s event, if there is one.

You get dressed in nice clothes and ride your bike in support of several charities.  I like the idea and will be keeping an eye on their website and the local groups Facebook page.

According to their website the event began in 2012 and has now spread to over 100 cities.  This year they raised over $250,000 dollars supporting Prostate Cancer Foundations in several countries.

If you have time check out their website! (the photos are from the DRG website and the DGR Washington DC Facebook site)


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