Charging My Motorcycle Battery

Posted: September 6, 2013 in Product Reviews
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Recently I have had battery issues on my Harley Davidson Heritage Softail Classic.  The battery does not hold a charge for more than one day of nonuse.

To connect my charger, I have to remove both seats and attach the clamps to the battery.  As often as not the clamps would slip off and the battery fails to charge.

Harley has Battery Charging Harness with LED Charge Indicator for $14.95 (that’s right not HD (hundred dollar)).  This product not only lets me charge or maintain the battery but flashes a red LED when it reaches a level that it requires charging. I bought the device at Frederick Harley Davidson.

Installation was straight forward: remove the seats, attach the leads to the battery, tuck in the fuse, zip tie the lead to the frame and put the seats back on.  After I have used this for a while I will let you know what I think of product.

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